Big Arms Naturally?

People love training their arms more than anything else. Out of excitement many beginners can’t sleep the night before their “arm day”. Insecure teenagers watch video after video of CT Fletcher on their iPhones and can’t stop imagining their biceps and triceps getting pumped. In this day and age, big arms are at the top of the priority list. Gotta have them.

Big Arms naturally?

Sorry, you can’t have those arms naturally.

Similar behavior is the norm – not the exception. The upper arms have become the symbol of strength. Flexing your big guns is considered the ultimate answer to the question: “Do you even lift, bro?”. But how big can your arms get naturally, without taking steroids?

Short answer – less than you want.

The bodybuilding fans have been conditioned to see large 20 inch arms in videos, gyms, bodybuilding expos…etc. What many don’t know is that the bodybuilders who display such marvelous arm development are on steroids, growth hormone (GH), insulin and more. Naturals don’t have 20 inch arms. In fact, most naturals won’t even have 18 inch arms. As a natural bodybuilder in lean condition you can’t have more than 16-17 inch arms. That’s it. And keep in mind that those measurements are for gifted athletes. Truth be told in lean condition most “natty” bodybuilders will have hard time reaching 15 inch arms.

Of course, many of you are going to scream at the monitor after seeing those numbers. Basically, everybody knows a “natural” guy “who has 20 inch arms and is not very fat”. There is a world of difference between “not very fat” and contest ready bodybuilder. It’s not uncommon for people to lose over 2 inches of their arms during a contest preparation. The naturals who boast about their arms are usually the ones who underestimate their body fat levels tremendously. You will be amazed how smaller your big arms will get once you are 5% body fat. You may need a therapist.

Note: Fitness models and bodybuilders such as Lazar Angelov, Simeon Panda, CT Fletcher, Kali Muscle, The HodgeTwins, Adam Charlton…etc have arm development that cannot be achieved naturally unless you are a super mutant. All the protein and creatine in the world won’t be able to change that.

The good news is that a lean 15 inch arm looks great in the eyes of the general public. Sure, it may not be as big as Ronnie Coleman’s but once you’ve reached such development you would think twice before considering such measurement weak.

Interesting fact: You can reach your maximum arm potential by doing solely bodyweight exercises.


  1. Whatsittoya

    This post made me laugh hard as hell! I cut down to 5% last year (18y/o) and I was 15 inches. That’s with only 3 years of serious bodybuilding. Finishing up this bulk I’m around 17″ and I store little to no fat in my arms. If you think I’ve reached my limit on three years naturally?! You must be a fool LOL this site is a joke. Your dumb ass probably thinks vegan no gains is on juice.

  2. tim flood

    I’m all natural. I’m 43 yrs old and have been training off and on since about 25 yrs old but consistently for the last 3 yrs. My body fat is about 9% and I don’t carry any fat in my arms any way. But yes my arms are a solid 18 inches cold. I can actually swell em up to about 19 in on arm day. My growth came when I finally stuck with heavy ass iron, 4-6 reps per set. Fk that 8-12 rep per set bs! Train like a power lifter but eat clean. Don’t expect overnight success and then when it doesn’t happen just give up like most guys do. Stick with it and be patient. I’m not genetically gifted at all. I just busted my ass. And yes I can take a current photo to prove it. You’ll have to take my word when I say that I am all natural.

  3. Robert

    I am 62 years old . Worked out off and on since age 15. Naturally 19″ SOLID not flabby upper arms. 210 lbs. 5-10. 44″ chest 34″ waist

  4. Adnan

    34 inch waist is pretty high BF%. What’s not factored in here is that there is visceral fat on your arms not just subcutaneous. So they will shrink when you cut but not as much as the post says. I was 15.8 inches at 49 years old 7% BF. Lost 3 quarter of an inch.

    1. bob

      How could you possibly know a 34″ waist equates to high body fat? You’d have to assume both his bone structure and his level of musculature both lower back and abdominal development. That’s a lot of assumptions to come to such a conclusion

  5. Trombone Hiawatha

    I am 229 years old. Been working out since Napoleon. My arms are 39 inches at 5% bodyfat, you goddamn phony, weak, lazy excuse for a human being.

  6. George Ashkar

    LOL! I’m a natural pushing 19 inches, and I know many of you are going to laugh and think i’m lying, but 15 and 16 inches? Come on man… HAHAHA… I’m at 10% body fat and leaned out to 6% and my arms were still more than 18.5 inches, in fact it was closer to 18.8. I’m a member on, name is George0311, I have a couple of pics there. Guys, train hard, eat right and stay consistent on your protein and creatine…
    Don’t listen to these clowns.

  7. vince

    Who ever wrote this article is a total bullshitter fucking ectomorth cunt thinking nothings achievable. This motherfucker probably looks like shit himself and puts down the others who are doing good in their life. Now steroids do increase muscle size and speed up recovery because of the increased testosterone and other androgenic hormones but they dont turn guys like this article’s author (who probably is a teenager and sits in his mamas home all day and is insecure) into champions. Champions are made from deep inside and believe in themselves. If all u needed was steroids to get big i would have spent thousands on steroids and gh and insulin and won mr olympia and mr universe and then retired by now. How many people buy steroids from online and take huge dosages and go gym and still look natty like this motherfucker (looool). Now larry scott admitted taking 20 mg of dianabol (type of steroid) 6 weeks out from his 2 mr olympia victories and his mr universe and mr america victories but for the other 46 weeks he didnt take any steroids as they were very harmful if taken for long periods. Now larry scott died at 75 same age as muhamad ali. Its very obvious Ali never touched steroids. (Now this teenage natty motherfucking author might even say muhammad ali took steroids). Its funny how a guy can be 600 pounds of fat naturally but he cant be 180 pounds of lean muscle according to this bullshitter. This guy probable doesnt go gym and probably does pushups and chin ups in his mamas basement. Me personally even though im not a competitive bodybuilder yet, i started out with 16 inch arms (17inch in reality but i would take 1 inch off because i had a bit of fat). This sissy author would probable say i was taking steroids before i even started training. So i recommend this author to stop fucking writing natty or not articles on everyone (just proves u have no life and ur a hater because people are bigger and better than u) and start workin out so u can see for ur self if you can or cant get bigger than 18 inch pythons naturally .This authors probably smaller than my scrawny brother and look at how hes taking down CT flecter in 1 second. Right now im probably about 220 lb and my right arm is 19.5 inches and my left is 19 inches. Ive also got 55 inch chest and 28 inch thighs and 18 inch calves. Now these measurement would definately be slightly higher if i start taking steroids but why should i take them if im getting this big without them. So here u go u natty author and even when ur old ull still be writing these shitty articles hating everyone

  8. Brett

    People talk crap. I just read a post where a dude claims he has 19 inch arms. Arnold only hade 19 – 20 inch arms, Zane had 17 – 18, Mike Menzer said his arms only ever measured 18, 5 cold. Both arnold and Zane have admitted to steroid use. It seems weird that with natural testosterone levels one can attain the same level of muscle mass of guys who are taking steroids. One would ask then whats the point if you can achieve the same results naturally. Truthseeker is 100 percent correct. Yo bitches are phony. How do i know? Because im 6’1 and have good genetics and have been busting my balls for the last 8 years in the gym. Yet my arms only measure 40 cm. But guess what, thats fine because 8 out of 10 people i pass are smaller than me, and the ones that are bigger are either fat fucks, or pussies on juice. Doint believe the crap that people say, some of these comments sound like they come from delusional people. Truthseeker may be a skinny dude but atleast he aint talkin shit to ur face. Bitches on juice train like pussies. I hope ive pissed some people off.

    1. Matt

      Dude listen to yourself. “But guess what, thats fine because 8 out of 10 people i pass are smaller than me, and the ones that are bigger are either fat fucks, or pussies on juice”. It’s obvious you can’t except that anyone is better than you. And you rationalize the ones that are. Keep living in Your fantasy world dude. Btw I’m 32, have 17 inch arms pumped, I’ve been traing for 4 years. And oh yeah i must be on roids… or wait i must be a fat ass, cause that’s the only way it’s possible.

  9. NattyBigGuy

    You’re all a bunch of low testosterone lazy fucks, I’m 5’10 and I’ve been working out for 3 and a half years. My arms are 20.5 inches cold when I cut to 8 % bodyfat. With hard work and dedication anything is possible but I’m sure none of you can reach the work ethic of a champion. You think come and brag about having 18-19″, you make me laugh.

    1. nick

      So many delusional people in this comment section. 20+ inch arms at <10%bf all natty?? Yeh right bro, and pigs can fly and shit rainbows. Most professional bodybuilders don't even break past 22" guns and they've been training for decades with elite genetics and tons of gear, and you expect us to believe your arms are almost the same size with just hard work for 3-4 years? gtfo

  10. ShawnW

    I have to agree that people really limit themselves. I don’t blame them. Personally I have been training off and on since I was 12. Joined the army for 7 years. Left and became a DOD contractor for 4 where I deployed to combat zones. All you do is lift over there. With all that training I never reached what I thought was a truly impressive physique. I mean co-workers were impressed but I was not. I did not have magazine look…until now. I work in the states and now 32 and I would say that when I turned 30 my body really started changing for the better. I mean I was in shape befor but now I look like a true athlete. I now realize that if you start young and push hard, you will see real pay off after 30 if not before. Guess it just took a while for it to kick in. Then again this the first time I have trained consistently for more than year straight as hard as I could, 7 days a week, no major cardio except jumprope, and eating according to my blood type. In fact the blood type diet was my major missing key too. I no longer track calories. I just eat according to my blood type and that works fine. I never did that silly cutting and bulking stuff and still don’t. It is mostly diet. In fact for people trying to lose bodyfat and don’t know what is wrong, it is probably your diet. I am O+ and for me lean Beef is great. But if your A+ like my wife, Beef and most meats are the worst. She pushes hard in the gym and eats the “ideal” diet and always lost her results quickly. After eating according to her blood type, she trains only 3 days a week and eats whenever (according to her blood type) and loses fat and only gains muscle now. Its amazing. So train amazing if you want to look amazing but more importantly eat according to your blood type. You will quickly find that many things that considered “healthy” in general is not healthy for you based on blood type. A great example, as an O+ I can’t have most fruits. Only Figs and Prunes are beneficially, I have too much stomach acid for most others. It is simply in my blood.

    P.S. I’m 6’0 215lbs(most of the time), 18 1/2 arms pumped, almost always exactly 10% bodyfat (which is a great and easy number to maintain without trying), 49 inch Chest, 34 inch waist, 7 inch wrist, have a six pack (decent one at least most of the time if not chiseled), Bench press on average 315-330 as a normal workout weight I have no clue what my max is and really do not care. If I can’t move the weight at least 4 times a set, then it is probably to dangerous for me to lift on my own without worry. This all took a damn long time to get to and even if I am getting closer to my full potential, I don’t care. I will train to see how far I can go. Like everyone should 🙂

  11. frank

    can someone please clarify statements of arm size in these posts? I understand ‘cold’ vs. ‘pumped’, but those who are stating their arm size, is it flexed or relaxed?

  12. bob

    Most measure their arms cold + flexed + round up an inch or two. What the author says about arm size I must agree at least on point that the condition of your arms is most important to looking impressive. I do believe it’s possible to have very lean arms at higher body fat if your predisposed to. When these guys go on a cut the problem with their arms shrinking does not relate to fat loss so much as it does muscle loss. It’s easier to have larger even very lean arms at a higher body fat. A bodybuilder at 5% bf doesn’t carry near as much muscle as at 10-12%. Anyone who’s cut down to low bf levels knows just how much strength you lose at sub 10% bf.

  13. Charles

    I’m 39,6’2 230 with 21″ arms,52″ chest,36″ waist and 19″ calves.Natural and 13%,bi veins show as well as top 4 abs.been training 25 years.

  14. AngieDucky

    Arms size doesn’t mean anything, as a man, you must be rich in morden society.

    Get over it boys, learn how to achieve financial freedom before your 40s rather than using steroids at teenage.


  15. Bob

    Maybe looks mean little where you come from but in much of western culture appearance still serves some importance be it of secondary or primary. Arm size (lean) has a pretty close correlation to ones overall development. Hard to have truly big muscular arms without the physique of a greek god with the exception of modern pro bbers.
    Ofcourse whether or not you have the body of a greek god or not doesn’t determine financial freedom either way BUT would you rather be a wealthy obese pig or a wealthy greek god. hmmm. Which sounds more attractive Choice is yours.

    I don’t condone teen steroid use either but there is some irony to be had when you consider arnold schwarzeneggers teen steroid use is what made him the youngest Mr Olympia and a millionaire…

  16. AngieDucky

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for your comment. There is no doubt we all should put personal fitness at top priority. But it doesn’t mean we need to be obsessed about our arms size or abuse of drugs. It is actually a mental illness.

    Yes, Mr. Olympias are rich but are they really healthy inside out? 🙂 There are many other ways to achieve our financial freedom while maintaining good fitness level.

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