Biceps Training Tips For Natural Bodybuilders Tips to improve your biceps workouts and avoid frustration.

Biceps training is simpler than they want you to believe. The only reason there are so many arm routines is that big arms attract the attention of people. The statistics of muscle magazines have shown that the issues tend to sell better when the cover contains a shot of a muscular arm in a flexed position.

Through careful brainwash and propaganda we’ve all been led to believe that the arm biceps is the universal symbol of strength. That’s why unless you have really big arms people may not be able to notice that you even train. The biceps worship started a long time ago and continues to this day.


The “first bodybuilder” Eugen Sandow had solid arms.

Stop Doing Stupid Exercises

One of the best thing naturals can do to improve their biceps routine is to remove all unnecessary exercises.

Your exercise selection depends on your physical structure and personal preferences but there is no need to waste energy on all biceps curl variations.

The biceps is a small muscle group. There is no need to do more exercises for arms than you do for back. Try different exercises but stick with only a few. Anything over 3 seems excessive and makes it harder to track progress. The more variables there are, the harder it is to analyze effectiveness.

Fuck The Straight Bar Barbell Curl


The straight bar barbell curl causes more harm than good to most people. It places too much stress on the wrists and most can’t handle it. A good alternative is the EZ curl bar and dumbbells which offer the most joint friendly option.

Some people may experience wrist and elbow pain even when the EZ curl bar is used. This is when dumbbells come to save the day.

Fuck The Scott Bench (Preacher) Curl

Larry Scott Preacher

Image via:;

Curls on the so-called “Scott bench” absolutely suck. They place too much stress on the biceps tendon and fail to do the task which according to the official statements is to build the lower portion of the biceps.

For those of you who don’t know – you can’t isolate parts of your biceps, at least not to any measurable by the human eye degree. Those who think that the Scott curl will fill their lower biceps are highly delusional.

The people with the fullest biceps have genetically short tendons and long muscle bellies. Larry Scott in the image above is a good example. He had really short tendons and long muscle bellies of the biceps.

If you have long tendons and short muscle bellies, there’s nothing you can do fill out your biceps. Tendon don’t grow, dummy!

Note: Some arm wrestlers find the Scott curl beneficial for the sport. In this article we are focusing on hypertrophy training and not preparation for an arm wrestling contest.

Fuck Chin-ups Too

Chin-ups are a great exercise but the majority of the population will experience wrist pain, especially when the grip is close. The straight bar twists the wrists in a very unnatural position and unless you have flexible and resilient connective tissues it will hurt.

This is where neutral grip pull-ups and ring pull-ups come to save the day. Out of the two the ring pull-up is better. It starts as a pull-up and ends as a chin-up. This exercise is much kinder to the elbow than the straight bar versions.

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So, which are the best biceps exercises?

This will vary from person to person but the most joint friendly biceps movements are standing dumbbell curls and ring pull-ups. Those two movements prevent unnecessary stress on the joints and work the biceps muscle completely. However, everybody is free to experiment and add or remove exercises according to personal preferences.

More tips on biceps training:

– NEVER train your biceps before big compound exercises such as deadlifts, bench press, squat, power clean…etc. You risk injuries, if you attempt big exercises with weaken and fatigued arm flexors.

– Don’t do more than 3 exercises for your biceps. If you want to add more volume, you can just do more sets of the same exercises.

– Squats don’t build big biceps. Curls and pull-ups do.

– Deadlifts don’t build big biceps. Curls and pull-ups do.

– Most cable biceps exercises suck.

– Biceps are small and can be easily overtrained. The tendons are also extremely susceptible to injuries when the leverage is poor.

– Don’t obsess over arms.

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