Are Biceps Peaks Genetic?

There are many exercises which are supposed to develop your biceps peaks, but are they effective and can you really shape your arms to such degree or are biceps peaks purely dependent on ‘what your mama gave ya’?


Guys with short biceps have them peaks…

Most of the time the guys with the most prominent biceps peaks have very short muscle bellies and long tendons.

A good example would be Albert Beckles who is famous for his outstanding genetics and phenomenal biceps peaks.

He has very short muscle bellies and the shape of his biceps creates his peaks.

The length of your muscle bellies and tendons is 100% dependent on genetics and cannot be changed safely.

You can’t do much about it and if you don’t have the right proportions you won’t have huge bicep peaks no matter what kind of exercises you do.

It’s extremely hard to isolate a part of a muscle group to such large degree.


Guys with long biceps don’t have peaks…

In 99% of the cases bodybuilders with long biceps don’t have exceptional biceps peaks.

That’s because the shape of the muscle is different when the belly is longer.

On the positive note when you have long biceps your arms are bigger and look much fuller when relaxed.

A good example would be the legendary Sergio Oliva who had really big and full biceps but not much of a peak compared to Albert Beckles.

The exception…


While the above principles hold true in 99% of the time there are sometimes exceptions.

The first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott who was obsessed with arms had the best of both worlds – big biceps peaks and full muscle bellies.

He is one of the few bodybuilders to ever achieve this lottery winning combination.

With that being said Larry Scott’s arms still don’t have such pronounced biceps peak observed among those with short bellies and long tendons.

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