The Best Exercises For Chest

After arms the chest is the most trained body part. Everybody wants to have wide and developed pectorals pulling the T-shirt up. Today, we present you the best exercises for chest under the Sun.


The list below has been based on effectiveness and overall joint safety.


The simple push-up is one of the oldest exercises for chest and also one of the most effective. People would want you to believe that you can’t build a respectable chest with just push-ups but that is not the case. Provided that you follow the right progressions and overload the pectoral muscles with different and harder push-up variations strength and size will follow.

On top of everything the push-up is very joint friendly. In fact, among the chest exercises that actually work this one is the safest of all.

It’s a  little known fact that by doing push-ups on Olympic rings you are stimulating chest muscles even more because of the balance requirements. In the beginning, the ring push-ups will feel weird. Even experienced lifters may experience serious soreness in the area after doing the exercise for the first time. Enjoy, the soreness!

Note: You may not be strong enough to do rung push-ups right away. Follow a well designed progression in order to avoid injuries.


The dip is the upgraded version of the push-up and Mike Mentzer used to consider it the king of all upper body exercises. All you need are parallel bars. The exercise offers a great chest stretch at the bottom and will pump your pectorals in no time. Of course, the pump is not always a sign of progress but it is a sign that the right muscle is working.

The dip does not require a spotter and can done with added weight. The most commonly used method is to hang a dip belt from your waist. You can make one yourself or purchase it.

The only downside of doing dips is shoulder stress. Unlike the push-up this one is more dangerous to the shoulder joint. The best way to avoid shoulder pain during dips is to limit the range of motion to parallel or slightly below. Some of you may be able to go deeper safely but most won’t. Listen to your body.


What is a chest training article without the bench press? It just feels so incomplete. The bench press is a very beneficial chest exercises when done correctly. Forget ego lifting and focus on proper form when you do it.

The main benefit of the bench press is that it allows very methodical progressive overload. However, due to the obsession most people have with the bench press they tend to lift the barbell without focusing on using the chest. Whenever a lifter sits on a bench, he immediately becomes addicted to lifting more and more weight.

There are many different bench press variations but as far as pectoral development is concerned the low incline dumbbell press seems to be the best. The dumbbells allow you to develop unilateral strength and the fact that both arms move independently of each other makes the exercise even harder on the chest because the pectorals also have to stabilize.

Important note: The exercises above are very effective but NOT mandatory. Every individual is different and if something is working for you – keep doing it. If not – find out why and fix it.

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