Push-up Handles – What Are The Benefits?

The Push-up handles are one of the very few products in the fitness industry that don’t actually suck. This is quite rare since most of the training equipment out there is useless garbage with ‘whore’ marketing targeted at people that are completely uneducated on the subject.

The benefits of using push-up handles.

In this article we present you the main benefits of the push-up handles.

1.Increased range of motion (ROM)

When you perform push-ups on the floor without push-up handles the range of motion is limited by the ground. Using push-up handles allows you to go down a little deeper without having your chest touching the floor. This is actually a very beneficial factor that helps you develop strength and active flexibility over an extended range of motion.

The bodybuilder in you is also happy because the larger ROM stretches the chest a little further and requires a fuller and more powerful contraction of the pectoral muscles.

Quick tip: You can get the same benefit by performing your push-up on a pair of books with equal height.

2.Less stress on the wrists

This is another significant benefit of the push-up handles. The strain on your wrist flexors is reduced significantly since the wrist is not overextended anymore. Many people buy push-up handles for that issue alone. If you are experiencing wrist pain from regular push-up, the first thing to try will always be a set of solid push-up handles.

3.Variety of exercises

Another positive contribution of the push-up handles is that they can be used for a large variety of bodyweight exercises such as L-sits, planches, handstands and many more.

How to choose a pair of push-up handles?

1.Make sure that the push-up handles you buy are made of iron. Stay away from plastic unstable handles that may break during your ‘dreamer bulk’.

2.Don’t buy expensive brands just because they are advertised by some sort of a steroid addict or a personal trainer to the stars who has sold his soul to the devil for an extra cheeseburger.

Note: You can make a pair of the so-called gymnastics parallettes which are nothing more than push-up handles made out of PVC pipes glued together. For information on how to make parallettes consult one of the many guides on the Internet such as this one:

http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/13_03_Parallettes.pdf {this is a link to a PDF file.}

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