Beginner Bodybuilders Do 15 Crucial Mistakes

Everybody has to start somewhere. No one was born knowledgeable. Here’s a list of things beginner bodybuilders should avoid.

1.Taking supplements

Beginner bodybuilders do not need supplements. You can get all of your protein needs from food. If you are looking for alternative to protein read this article: Whey Protein Substitute?

The bodybuilding industry uses the bodies of steroid users such as Kali Muscle to sell you all kinds of magic powders that ultimately do nothing. Don’t waste your time and money on buying supplements. It’s all an illusion. Truth be told, most professional bodybuilders don’t even take the products they advertise. They consider them unneeded, but do it for the money. They will gladly sell you a bottle of creatine while denying steroid usage.

2.Eating too much

Beginner bodybuilders are usually advised to eat like pigs in order to get big. A popular diet that falls into that category would be the GOMAD retardism spread by Mark Rippetoe.

There are many beginner bodybuilders who start consuming large amounts of food, see the scale go up and believe it’s all muscle. They underestimate their body fat and end up over 25%, thinking they got big. The only thing that got big is your gut.

As a natural bodybuilder you are limited by your hormonal profile. All the food in the world won’t change that.

3.Eating garbage

Beginner bodybuilders need to stop eating like they are in high school. They consume mainly fast carbs and think the reason their biceps are small is that they don’t do enough exercises.

4.Doing too many exercises

The most frequent mistake of beginner bodybuilders is to perform too many exercises. Emulating Ronnie Coleman will not make you big. You don’t need 20 exercises to hit your biceps. By doing too many exercises you are spreading yourself thin. It’s better to focus all your effort into less goals. That way you preserve energy and measuring progress becomes much easier.

5.Lifting too heavy and with poor form

Every body wants to be the strongest lifter in the weight room, especially if it’s the bench press. Hello, injured shoulders! Lifting too heavy and with poor form will not get you anywhere. Use moderate weight. Nobody cares how much you lift. Stop with all that dick measuring contest. It’s getting old. Save your joints in the long run.

6.Changing the routine too often

Persistence is key. Many don’t know it, unfortunately. If you keep on changing your routine you are spreading yourself thin again. Without a focus you won’t go far. You need to stick to a routine longer than you think in order to see results. Don’t worry, you will have plenty of time to experiment with all the garbage you see in the muscle magazines.

7.Trusting the authorities

Sadly, most people in the bodybuilding industry are eager to take your money. The money in this sport comes from you – the beginner bodybuilder, the person who buys all the supplements, magazines, training programs, T-Shirts…That’s why you should never blindly trust the self-proclaimed authorities in the sport. They don’t have your best interest in mind.

Be aware!

There are many who will gladly take your money by selling you garbage through “whore marketing”. The scam artist Mike Chang comes to mind.

8.Reading too much

Beginner bodybuilders suffer from paralysis by analysis. They read too much and get confused. However, it’s not you to blame. It’s them – the authorities. There is so much contradiction in this sport. Everybody says different things. It’s easy to lose your mind. That’s why you should by conscious when evaluating your choices. It will take time and experience.

9.Obsessing over lifting

It’s easy to become obsessed over bodybuilding. Many beginner bodybuilders suffer from obsession. All they see is muscle. They look at their grandmother and think: “Nice 20 inch arms, grandma! Too bad it’s all fat.”

Don’t let things get out of control. Dedication is good, but being a slave to bodybuilding is limiting and not good. Be more than that. Be you. You ain’t just a bodybuilder. You are much more.

10.Training too long

You don’t need to be in the gym for more than 1 hour. If you spend more time than that, you are not in the gym. You are in the cafeteria.

11.Watching too many YouTube Videos

The “YouTube brahs” such as the HodgeTwins are on steroids. They rely solely on bro science and immature behavior to get your attention. The advice they give is usually bullshit. The videos are low quality and 90% of the time is lost in inarticulate speech production. Fuck that.

12.Thinking bodyweight training is not effective

Bodyweight training is highly effective despite the fact that IFBB bodybuilders rarely train that way. You can build bigger arms through bodyweight. You can even reach your maximum muscular potential as a natural lifter by doing bodyweight.

13.Arguing on forums

Don’t waste your time in Internet battles. Does it matter what a person you’ve never seen thinks of you? You can’t win an argument over the Internet anyway. Fuck that.

14.Eating too clean

While we recommend that you eat clean 90% of the time, you shouldn’t always do it. If you try to eat clean forever, sooner or later you will go crazy. Instead, schedule some dirty eating. It’s easier to control it that way, at least for some.

15.Looking for the perfect routine

You can search for that perfect routine as much as you want. It doesn’t exists. Every body recommends different things. All routines are nothing more than guidelines. There are no things set in stone. Beginner bodybuilders should try to develop their inner intuition. Your body is talking. Are you listening?

Wise men learn by other men’s mistakes; fools by their own.

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