What Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Best Bench Press?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most popular bodybuilder on the planet thanks to being Joe Weider’s wonder boy and having a political career. He had a classic physique with his chest and biceps standing out the most.

What Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's Best Bench Press?

Prior to Arnold’s era bodybuilders have never seen such chest development. Accidentally or not this was also the time when the bench press popularity hit the sky. Everybody and their grandmother started asking: “How much do you bench?“.

Since people tend to hate critical thinking to this very day the bench press has successfully held it’s status of mainstream symbol of strength. On Mondays when everybody trains chest while getting wet at pictures of Arnold it’s close to impossible to find unoccupied bench press station.

But how strong was Arnold?

According to the record books Arnold’s best bench press was 500 lbs which has always been a world class number. There’s no information on the Internet whether the lift was done with a pause or not.


Q: Was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s chest development built solely through bench pressing?

A: According to the information we have the bench press was definitely the cornerstone of his routine but he also did a lot of isolation exercises and other variations of the bench press.

Q: Do I need to bench press 500 lbs in order to achieve Arnold’s pectoral development?

A: Not really. After a certain point it’s not very important how much you bench press. Who has a bigger chest – the guy who benches 315 or the guy who benches 405 lbs? It depends on exercise form, genetics, presence or absence of drugs, injuries…etc.

Note: Despite what your mother says you will never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger because we are all different and no matter how much you try to emulate him, it will never happen. It’s time to stop idol worship.

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