Arm Day ? You are wasting your time, stupid!

flex your arm for me…

Every bodybuilder wants to have big arms. Preferably about 20 inches. Many will deny it but they are secretly measuring their arms every few days. It’s an obsession. An addiction. People want to have that big arm. They are willing to do anything. Since the guys who have big arms are the IFBB pro bodybuilders, beginners try to emulate their training split and have a dedicated arm day.

An arm day is basically a day when the individual trains only his biceps, triceps and forearms. Usually people perform giant sets, super sets and all kinds of different techniques they’ve seen in the superficial muscle magazines full of advertisement. They do sets afters sets, curl after curl, triceps pushdown after triceps pushdown and hope that one day their arms will have majestic status. Unfortunately that day never comes for natural bodybuilders. They’ve been brain washed into believing that the arm day is the secret to big arms. Well, it isn’t. The arm day is nothing more than an ego day. The day of the narcissism.

Guys like CT Fletcher who are obsessed and can only think about arm training are usually extremely insecure individuals. The guy who screams: “I am not scared!” the loudest is the one who is scared the most. The guys who only train their vanity muscles are the ones who try to overcompensate the most.

Arm Day - waster of time.

Phil Heath doing his arm exercises.

Your arms don’t need an arm day to grow. All you need for your arms are a few sets of compound exercises such as: bench press, push-ups, dips. You can also add a few sets of biceps curls after your main exercises. However, triceps isolation exercises are more tricky. Most of them will give you elbow tendonitis and will weaken the ligaments of your elbow. Everybody knows a guy who has killed his elbows doing skullscrushers (triceps exercise). That’s why you should avoid triceps isolation as much as you can. Besides, the triceps likes heavy training. All that light exercises with the pink weights won’t do anything. When was the last time you saw a NATURAL guy with big triceps doing kick backs and other nonsense?

Don’t waste your time with an arm day. It’s boring and ineffective. Leave the arm day to the vanity lifters, the attention whores.

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