Are Vegan Bodybuilders Natural or Are They Using Anabolic Steroids?

| February 14, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

According to my inbox, people really want to know how so many vegans are getting lean and mean. It appears that muscular vegans have developed an aura of pureness around them. This makes the crowd hope that veganism could be both – respectful to the animal kingdom and anabolic.

After all, vegans would never put anything unhealthy in their bodies, right? When this mystery feeling is combined with the fact that every inexperienced natural bodybuilder believes that someday he will find the “real muscle building method”, vegans with muscles start to receive attention.

How do the popular vegan bodybuilders get so muscular?

Are plant-based foods anabolic?

The fact that someone is a vegan does not make him a natural bodybuilder. Veganism requires you to avoid animal products, not to remain steroid-free. Steroids are synthetic and therefore allowed in a vegan’s life by default.

Many of the plant-based muscle prodigies like Scooby Werkstatt are over 200lbs, lean, and consequently potential steroid users.

How can you know if someone is truly a vegan?

If you have read more than one post on this site, you probably know that most bodybuilders lie about their steroid use. They are selling you protein powders, creatine, BCAA, glutamine, multi-vitamins and other supplements while taking drugs themselves. For this reason, it isn’t illogical to ask the following question:

How can you know if someone is really a vegan?

What stops people from lying about their diets in an attempt to cause controversy? Are you with them 24/7? They could be eating all the meat in the world while claiming vegan in front of their audience. You can never know.

Is Veganism Anabolic?

I am almost sorry to inform you that veganism is not anabolic and does not cause extraordinary muscle growth.

If anything, diets that include animal products are more anabolic since testosterone is derived from cholesterol. Thus, the fact that you are a vegan actually makes it harder to build muscle. You won’t suddenly add 20lbs after cleaning your system of all animal products.

In addition, veganism makes the preservation of muscle mass harder when you are dieting. The golden rule of keeping your muscle mass while losing fat is to eat a low-calorie diet rich in protein. How do you that when you are 100% hardcore vegan? I guess there are some vegan shamans that could offer a variety of plant-based foods high in protein and low in overall calories, but in general, similar sources are hard to find. There aren’t low-calorie peanuts as far as I know.

If it is too big to be natural, it probably isn’t.

When somebody is 6’ @ 200 lbs @ 5% BF, he is obviously not natural regardless of dietary preferences. Many of the popular vegan monsters have similar stats, and yet they claim to be steroid-free. Somewhat ironically, they refuse to eat animal products because “that’s not natural”, but injecting your glutes with grams of synthetic gear, which was unavailable before the 1930s, seems “natural” and perfectly fine. I assure you that when somebody is really big, it’s the drugs, not the tofu.

In conclusion

Regardless of your food choices, you cannot be as big as steroid users when you are natural. It is practically impossible. Vegan or not, you will still fall within the limits of your natural potential.

souce: tpsdave; Veganism thrives on exploitation.

souce: tpsdave;
The other side of veganism.

Side note:

I don’t think that vegans realize that most of their foods sources are extremely dependent on animals. The majority of the animals cultivating vegan foods are known as people.

Do you know how much physical effort it takes to cultivate and gather 100 grams of almonds?

Do you know how hard it is to cultivate rice?

It’s brutal work for super low wages.

By default, this makes plant based foods dirty too. In addition, the “free trade system” has deprived many countries of their own resources, so that we (the good vegans wanting to protect the planet) can find “cheap” nuts in the store.

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  1. Andre

    Man, those final quotes were eye openers. Massive thanks for these ideas, it really makes us think things through

  2. LIAM

    Meh right and wrong!.
    Animal products have a proven track record of causing diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.. I eat meat that is hunted and fished by myself or family members. But switching to vegan diet to prevent such diseases that run in my family.. feed lots full of hogs, cattle, and chickens carry diseases that are transported to humans when we eat them. Dont be fooled the pharmaceutical companies dont want us to get healthier or they will lose all there money. They run this world.. and so do the processed food companies!

    1. Gabriel

      Not sure I understand your statement “But switching to vegan diet to prevent such diseases that run in my family.. feed lots full of hogs, cattle, and chickens carry diseases that are transported to humans when we eat them.”

  3. amanda hugankiss

    did you drink bong water before writing this crock of shit?
    It’s not only vegans that eat almonds and rice you fuckwit! Last time I checked bodybuilders loved rice and almonds 😂 Omfg so uninformed and leaning to the side of vegan hating. Try it puss, I dare you.

  4. Steve

    “By default, this makes plant based foods dirty too.” Although I don’t doubt some of the workers laboring in the fields that yield the vegetables, nuts and legumes that are consumed by vegans, aren’t treated very well or rightfully compensated for their efforts, it’s a much better scenario when compared to factory farming. Why don’t you mention that? I’m assuming you’re a meat eater? I think your analogy was idiotic and irresponsible.

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