Steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PED), which come in various forms, can improve results in every sport and many other aspects of life. There is no doubt that the iron game is more dependent on steroids than almost any other department.

Without steroids, sports like powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting have almost nothing and the records will drop to levels you never thought possible. I don’t care what they say about genetics, it’s the truth. Why? Because if the so-called natural bodybuilders today were really natural, they could easily start using and shock the world by dwarfing Ronnie Coleman. Oh, wait they are already using.

With that said, those mighty magic pills and pins are not reserved just for the strength athletes.

The sports that are the least affected by steroids are skill based. For example, you can become a professional skateboarder without ever using steroids. You simply don’t need them because the sport is not strength based and requires an incredible amount of skill training, which can be achieved naturally.

When it comes to gymnastics the game is 50/50. You need both – incredible strength and skills. Male gymnasts are known for their well developed upper bodies because all strength elements on the rings require super strong arms, back, chest, forearms, mid-section and joints.

Many people have been using gymnasts’ bodies to brainwash people regarding what can be achieved naturally “by just using your own bodyweight” as resistence. Well, it’s all a bunch of cheap propaganda.

Let’s go in the past and see how gymnasts actually used to look in the last century.

Circa 1910. "Woodberry Forest Gymnasium Team." Prep-school gymnasts from Orange, Virginia. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

Circa 1910. “Woodberry Forest Gymnasium Team.” Prep-school gymnasts from Orange, Virginia. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

As you can see in the photos those guys don’t really look nearly as massive as some of the modern gymnastic monsters. What do you think changed? And if you are going to talk about the “advancement of nutrition” and similar nonsense, please save your speech for somebody else. I don’t think you understand what’s actually going on.

I personally used to believe that all gymnasts are clean, but know I see much more clearly that this is not the case. The evidence is everywhere. But what did we expect anyway? Of course, modern drugs will exercise influence on almost every sport there is.

It’s also worth noting that the same holds true for the so-called bar-barian movement. Funny. There are guys with 18+ inch lean arms who play on the monkey bars and claim 100% natural.

“Just push-ups and dips, bro. How bad do you want it?”

Sorry guys, but some of your listeners are not 3rd graders and know who’s who and what’s what. Of course, there are many guys in the bodyweight movement who are completely natural, which is great, but the vast majority of bar stars who look really impressive are not and take anabolic steroids. End of discussion.

Do you really think push-ups, dips and muscle-ups can make you 195 lbs @ 6′ @ 8% body fat? That has to be a joke, right? If there is a person who can get that massive and lean this way, his origin would have to be the Mars or Jupiter. I ain’t buying it even for a second.

I spent the last couple of hours looking for information on gymnastics and their drug usage. On various forums there were guys who claimed that gymnasts are using not only steroids but also IGF-1 and growth hormone, just like everybody else.

I also want you to keep in mind that back in the day men used to have higher testosterone levels compared to generation shave legs which reigns supreme today. Therefore, I am even more inclined to believe that many gymnasts used as poster boys for the effectiveness of the methods are actually not natural.


  1. Alex

    I know most PEDs are used to enchance recovery. How could that not affect gymnastics like any other sport such as say Olympic lifting or T&F?

  2. Dave

    “As you can see in the photos (a picture of gymnasts from the last century) those guys don’t really look nearly as massive as some of the modern gymnastic monsters. What do you think changed?”

    This assumes that the physical requirements of the sport of gymnastics have remained completely unchanged in the last century… it has not. The basic skill shave been greatly expanded upon, requiring *far* more strength and skill to accomplish, new training methods, etc. It’s only logical this evolution would result in much stronger athletes over time instead of remaining exactly the same.

  3. Dave

    Apparently so…

    The “modern gymnastics monsters” description was also worth a chuckle… what passes for impressive these days! Of course these guys look fit and developed when compared to average people for sure (and logically, compared to gymnasts of the last century)… but have any of them stand unflexed and totally unpumped next to a novice bodybuilder and they will be DWARFED in the muscles dept. I’ve seen some of these guys in person and when they aren’t actually training, they look fit but nothing to stare twice at as far as muscle size… they’re just very lean and pumped while doing the routines on TV and that makes them appear larger and more impressive than they really are.

    Same goes for those Bar-Barian and similar bar groups and street personalities on youtube… some of them are obviously regular weight trainers and bodybuilders and only use calisthenics as a supplement to their normal training (they even say so up front). Cali muscle is about the only guy I know for sure uses steroids, I don’t know the rest personally but I will say this: If most of those other street workout guys are using, then PEDs are seriously overrated….

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