Another Reason Not To Buy Whey Protein

Have you ever wondered why every retired and/or famous bodybuilder is coming up with a new supplement line which is supposed to be so much better than everything before?

They all talk about magical ingredients and other irrelevant stuff like ‘mixability’, faster absorption, advanced formulas…etc. You know what? Fuck all of that nonsense. Here’s what really going on.

Another Reason Not To Buy Whey Protein

1.Find a cheap seller of raw protein in bulk

It may come as surprise to you but whey protein does not cost as much as you think. In fact standard ‘blank’ whey protein costs pennies per lbs. It comes from cheese makers who back in the day used it as forage for animals before this bodybuilding supplement game got so big.

Today the packaging and the labeling of the product cost more than the actual protein. It’s not uncommon for different companies to buy it in bulk from the same place.

2. Give it a cool name, logo and pack it

Believe it or not the most important thing about having a successful whey protein line is not the protein itself but the name, the logo and the packaging. After the companies buy the ‘naked whey powder’ from the cheese factory they load it with all kinds of sweeteners and let the PR team go crazy until the appropriate name and advertisers are found.

4.Found a dude on steroids willing to lie for you

Another big factor in having a successful protein line is having a dude on steroids as a face of your supplement line. The packaging sells, as they say, because people are too stupid to look beyond the surface and when they see a big dude backing up the product they fall straight into the trap and purchase the fart powder.

Today it’s really easy to start a supplement company, if you have the right friends.

What’s really funny about all those supplement companies is that quite often the people who advertise the products didn’t get whether they are because of it.

Imagine that a famous professional bodybuilder suddenly comes with a new supplement line. This person will try to convince everybody that his products are the best, but the funny part is that he/she didn’t even need those products to succeed. They simply did not exist when Mr.Bodybuilding superstar was building his name. So, if that person can get to this high level without his supplement that never existed before, why would you need it?

Conclusion: The base ingredients of all protein products are virtually the same. The difference between the brands is usually the labeling, the packaging and the person that advertise it. Of course, companies will argue and say that they come up with revolutionary formulas and ideas but deep down they know very well that it’s the same fart powder in every box.

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