Is Alon Gabbay On Steroids?

The supposedly drug free bodybuilder from Germany Alon Gabbay is a proud member of the so-called aesthetic crew. He has a physique many label as “divine”.

Can you look like him naturally? Can you have ‘em swollen arms‘ without steroids.

Can you do it, ‘brah’? We don’t think so…

The Photoshop Look

Alon Gabbay is dry, full, aesthetic, thick and shredded. That’s what makes him look almost unreal and composed in a digital photo editor such as Photoshop. Natural bodybuilders at low body fat just can’t keep their fullness and size even close to similar degrees.


Alon Gabbay is as big former Mr. Olympias

A quick online survey reveals that Alon Gabbay is as big as former Mr. Olympia title holders such as Frank Zane. The body stats of Alon Gabbay are as follows:

Height: 5′ 9.29″ (176 cm); Weight: 187lbs -200lbs; Body fat: 5%-9%;

In comparison three times Mr. Olympia Frank Zane has the following body stats:

Height: 5′ 9″ (175 cm); Weight: 185lbs; Body fat: 5%;

As you can seen Alon Gabbay is as big as former Mr. Olympia who used steroids.




The Natural Bodybuilding Deception

Most of the guys from the so-called aesthetic crew are not natural. They, however, prefer to keep that fact hidden in order to make money in the corrupt fitness industry by selling false hopes and inefficient muscle elixirs. Whether this is right or wrong is up to you to judge. After all, everybody has to make a living somehow and there are no saints on this planet. Everyone has some dirty secrets.

However, constantly telling lies to aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts is a little overboard. Many of the disinfo agents out there try to justify their behavior the following way:

“If they don’t know the game, they deserve to be scammed.”

Well, is here to explain the game to those who don’t know it because we believe you should have the right to protect your personal belongings as well properly invest your time in activities that actually produce results.

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