Is Alberto Nunez A Natural Bodybuilder?

Alberto Nunez is a popular natural bodybuilder known mostly for his insane conditioning and online videos. He looks super dry and comes ‘ultra shredded’ on contest days.

However, can you achieve similar muscular development naturally?

How big is Alberto Nunez?

According to the information online Alberto Nunez is 5’9″ – 175 cm @ 160 lbs – 72 kg. This is his contest weight and suggests super low body fat. If this is really the case, Alberto Nunez fits perfectly into our guide for natural bodybuilders. He is even a few lbs under the line. So, as far as muscle mass size is concerned, a gifted person who trains hard and eat right can build that amount of muscle.

Can you be as dry as Alberto Nunez naturally?

While the size of Alberto Nunez can be achieved naturally what really rises questions is his conditioning. Most people have never seen a person that dry, vascular and shredded.

There is no doubt that you can’t naturally achieve the dryness presented in the photo below. It’s just not humanly possible. The body does not want to do it. That’s why Alberto Nunez is most likely using diuretics to lose water before contests.

Few people know it but diuretics could be more dangerous than steroids since they cause serious dehydration and many people have fainted on stage. There are even popular bodybuilders who died due to abuse of diuretics which resulted in organ failure. However, since bodybuilders want to look as shredded as possible they use diuretics prior to competition because holding water hurts your definition.


Can you be as vascular as Alberto Nunez naturally?

Technically yes, but what’s more interesting about Alberto Nunez’s physique are his 3D deltoids and fullness at such low body fat. Most naturals just can’t get their shoulders to looks as full and as 3D when they cut down to what is seems to be 5% and even a little under.


Does Alberto Nunez have the Photoshop look?

In some photos, like the one, above Alberto Nunez definitely has the Photoshop look. He is reasonably thick, grainy and full while also being extremely dry and shredded. That combination creates the ‘out of this world’ look.

Alberto Nunez is known for his ridiculous dietary approach

Alberto Nunez consumes between 300-400 grams of carbs a day when dieting and 500-600 grams on high and re-feed days.

This is a very controversial topic and you can read all kinds of opinions but regardless of what people say here are the facts:

1. High fat/low carb/high protein diets have been used by many natural bodybuilders because that’s the fastest way to lose fat. There is no doubt about it and higher carbs have always caused problems when dieting.

Very few people can get away with high carbs because for the most part carbs offer nothing more than just ’empty’ energy food.

In general, it’s much easier to reach low body fat levels on low carb diets.

2.IFBB pros have always relied on high carb/low fat diets mainly because they can get  away with it due to the large amounts of drugs and fat burners they use. Of course, among them were also guys like Kevin Levrone who favored the high fat/low carb approach.

In other words, naturally maintaining Alberto Nunez’s conditioning on similar high carb diet seems a little too optimistic. On 300-600 carbs a day most people would just get fat, unless carbs is all they eat -in that case they will be skinny fat.

Note: The body can produce glucose from other substrates (lactate, pyruvate, alanine, leucine). Hence carbohydrates are not essential to come from the diet. Because carbs don’t meet criterion ‘b’ for being an essential nutrient.

To summarize: The size of Alberto Nunez could be achieved naturally, but his overall look is a little too much to accept. Most people won’t look like that naturally ever, regardless of diet and efforts.

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