Is Al Kavadlo A Natural Bodybuilder?

Al Kavadlo is the calisthenics training bible. He can do every move under the Sun and has brought many people to the world of bodyweight training. Al Kavadlo also has a decent lean physique.

However, is he a natural or is he loaded with steroids?

1.Al Kavadlo is not a big guy.



Al Kavadlo is 5’11” – 180 cm @ 160 lbs – 72 kg. This is a perfectly normal weight range for a natural bodybuilder and he is even 15-17 lbs less than what a true natural with good genetics can reach at that height.

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2.Al Kavadlo does not have the Photoshop look.

Al Kavadlo may be lean but he is not shredded and dry like the steroid users. His skin is not as thin and the overall definition looks ‘natural’ and not composed in Photoshop. This is how true naturals actually look like.

The guys you see in magazines have more ‘synthetic’ look and that’s because of constant drug usage and addiction.

3.Al Kavadlo is performance oriented and is not actually a bodybuilder.

Al Kavadlo is mainly focused on his training business and performance. Since he is an expert in bodyweight drills he doesn’t need to be 250 lbs. In fact, similar weight would be detrimental and counter productive to his performance. The heavier you are the hard it is to do things like dips and pull-ups. That’s why increase of ‘non-functinal’ muscle mass is not a priority when you are a ‘bodyweight guy’.

Final thoughts

The physique of Al Kavadlo may not look impressive to some of you but that’s because you’ve been conditioned to believe that you can reach the physical development of guys like Lazar Angelov naturally.

This unfortunately cannot happen regardless of how much whey protein and creatine you take.

The good news is that if you have good genetics and dedication you can be little bigger than Al Kavadlo through proper training and nutrition.

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