Is AJ Ellison Natural or On Steroids?

AJ Ellison is popular professional fitness model with exceptional physique. He is aesthetic, big and hot by the standards of many. All of this characteristics make AJ Ellison appear as the poster boy for health & fitness. Of course, we never accept what people throw at us for undeniable truth.

The question is once again: Is AJ Ellison natural or on anabolic steroids?

How Big Is AJ Ellison?

AJ Ellison is about 198 lbs – 90 kg at 5’11” – 180 cm. While we don’t have precise data regarding his body fat levels, it’s safe to say that as a professional fitness model it’s somewhere between 5-8%.

This contradicts with our guide for natural bodybuilders which puts a 5’11” man at 177 lbs natural weight. In other words AJ Ellison is 21 lbs over the norm for super gifted natural bodybuilders.

How Big Is AJ Ellison compared to professional bodybuilders from the past?

Serge Nubret had huge back and didn't deadlift. via:;

Serge Nubret had huge back and didn’t deadlift.

The French bodybuilder Serge Nubret was about 200 lbs at 6′. He was also a known steroid user contrary to the claims of many. This is not a surprise since virtually all IFBB pros have used some sort of muscle building elixirs in order to compete with the rest of the muscle boy wonders.

Conclusion: AJ Ellison has similar height and weight to one of the most legendary bodybuilders the world has ever seen.

Can this be done all naturally without anabolic steroids? {you decide}

Does AJ Ellison have the good old Photoshop look?

In the video below you can see that AJ Ellison appears to be larger than life – shredded, with huge traps, chest and 3D delts. He is also quite full while being in contest ready mode – a look that naturals just don’t have. They are often depleted and fragile looking.

Conclusion: We would like to know how a person can naturally become about as big as Serge Nubret? So far, supplements, training and what not have failed to deliver similar results for us – the mere mortals.

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    Um. I’m highly unsure of how applicable your method is.

    I stand at 5’8 and weigh 220lbs with 22% body fat.

    Which means if i lost all the fat in my body (lets round it at 50 lbs), I would weigh 170 which is still higher than what your guide suggests for a fitness model having 5-8% body fat.

    So i ask you what is model is this really based on.?

  2. J Will

    @ Richard Hayes- if you lost the 50lbs you mentioned above, I guarantee you that you’re not going to retain 100% of the muscle you have so you’re no longer even close to that 170lb you think you’d be at. So the logic in the article makes sense, atleast to me

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