The Aesthetic Lifestyle – What It Actually Is

What’s the aesthetic lifestyle?

Mainstream definition: Life dedicated to developing aesthetic appearance, expressing the beauty of the human body and reaching your full physical potential. The person who lives the aesthetic lifestyle is dedicated to developing the body through intense weightlifting, bodyweight training and following clean and pure diet. The individuals who live that way are sponsored by big supplement companies  and have a large number of fans who look up to them for advice.


Real definition: Life dedicated to living for the physical and approval of others. Life dedicated to turning your back to who you really are in order to become what you are supposed to be. The person who lives this lifestyle usually has very hard time understanding his inner self due to fear of the unknown. He/She usually tries to hide a complete mess behind synthetic looking body, cheap talk and paper Gods. This individual has completely neglected the mental development for the sake of achieving muscular enlargement that’s not even backed up by essence and depends entirely on drug intake.

Why is the aesthetic lifestyle popular?

The aesthetic lifestyle is popular because physical appearance is extremely important in the human world. Animals may not care how they look but humans do. When was the last time a dog killed itself because it wasn’t pretty?

Many people who live the aesthetic lifestyle are attracted to it because the package sells. The human body is beautiful (only to humans) when it’s developed and in its pure functional mode. People are attracted to muscle and leanness because the combination represents magnificence, strength, beauty and will power.  Who doesn’t like that?

Note: Many people end up in the aesthetic movements for purely superficial reasons. They want to have a cool looking body behind which they can hide their fear from the world. The idea is that muscles are somehow supposed to fix the problem. Surely, having a good physical appearance can help, but counting on it to do what it can’t is like counting on a sledgehammer to be a screwdriver or a sneaker.

What’s actually happening behind the curtains? What’s the truth behind the aesthetic lifestyle? Is it as pure as it seems?

The aesthetic lifestyle is dirtier than it looks. The athletes are quite often using anabolic steroids such as Trenbolone to gain muscle mass and Clenbuterol to lose body fat. They will never admit that to your face in order to protect their contracts with supplement companies. The so-called aesthetic brahs will sell you magic protein powders that actually don’t do anything and are only good if you can’t consume solid food.

Additionally, the practitioners of the so-called aesthetic lifestyle are often involved in homosexual services. It’s not uncommon for physique competitors to be male prostitutes and strippers. This is one of their secret income sources. However, they will never tell you that in a YouTube video.

The aesthetic crew members don’t life the pure lifestyle they present to you. They usually suffer from  testicular atrophy, insomnia, hear attacks, herpes, hair loss, acne, voice mutation, gynecomastia and many more to count. On top of everything a large amount of money from their income is lost on steroids and extra food.

The muscular guys you see smiling in public could very well be living a miserable lifestyle just to maintain their looks with which they falsely identify themselves.

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  1. Priyadarshini Gajbhiye

    Damn you are one Negative Nancy. Isn’t this true for ANY professional? Isn’t a lawyer miserable at some level? What about an overworked banker, isn’t he miserable? An accountant who is tired of sucking up to his boss? At the same time, all of these pursuits have some value and achievement as well. Any pursuit in life can be as negative or as positive you want it to be.

  2. A D Price

    Attachment of knowledge of self to the production of consiousness could curb this self identity issue in the recessions and progressions of time… How are animals to know that we are not of them, therefore our bias’ reflect that which we dont know. Animals have not forgotten they are animals, but maybe you or i have. Ever feel the urge to do or not to do or wish to say something about the present or future or past then realize your not the only person whose present is mimicking eachothers past or some variation of?

    1. XtraMile

      Any method matter interacts with our matter subconsciously or known to us or our observers is karma. Plants do have karma as does thought, you are and I are both thoughts, of ourselves and of others. The view of time you allow your selves to be able to understand while within and out of time is the transitions of matter through another us’ dimentions. The arrival of matter in a dimentions awakening or big bang is the beginning of our dream where the awake us is coming from out of our past minds’ daydream through our awakened senses in the future along the way we preferred to label the consolidation of events the past us brought forth from the future as the now. Present time is not objective but subjective to its own awareness of it’s consiousness’ (observe a plant and its relation to surrounding nature all life is the dreams of what life wills itself to have and take the chance to become) and their relation to currently, formerly and precursory aware materials (matter) in space. Matter is not generated or destroyed but transitions between places among eachothers reality at different points, all at once or never at all. We hold these meetings be chance and design. Know that You are a dream inside the mind and of god (our intergalactic life bearing planetary neighbors and we are its temples). The now our realities sense the past to be is more than the sum of all future events future and past is more than our most awakened senses and cross over timelines.

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        I had to read that comment five times to understand it. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

  3. MarkMid

    Some bodybuilders are deeply unhappy, and training to hide trauma or escape, some are very healthy and training to show it off – this goes for anyone, doing anything, always.

    And btw escape isn’t always wrong, you’d have to be living their life to know what was best for them.

    1. Rob

      Good grief, can’t any of you write anything either coherent or grammatically worthy of anyone with an I.Q. in numbers higher than room temperature?
      The bottom line is:
      All image is a construct on two levels, one the image of the observer, who builds their own model from observed information and the assumed image of the participant, body builder, whatever.
      None of it is real, none of it matters.
      We, humans are as Agent Smith states, no more than a version of a pathogenic virus that infects, spreads and destroys all it contacts . The arrogance of humans is staggering. We, just like the 98% of all species that have ever lived will become extinct and the universe will not notice.

  4. allen

    you are the only single guy who tells truth but even after knowing truth people want to live in humpty dumpty muscle whore dreams.
    yes by proper training you can achieve a good physique normally 15 -16 inch bicep 44 chest and 4 pack abs because maintaing six pack abs takes your you can’t become hulk no matter how you train or eat .yes you can use magic pills and gamma radiation for getting big he he.

    and a big thank you from heart for 3 books the books providing them for free.
    Thank you sssoooooo much Brother.

  5. allen

    and those 16 inch biceps are the limit for mostly 3levery natural lifter.u want more muscle try blah blah booster for overnight hulk gains

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