5 Signs You Have Become a Slave To The Fitness Gurus

When I first started reading about lifting weights and building muscle, I made a classic rookie mistake – I fell into the trap of the fitness gurus. I thought they really wanted to help me achieve my goals. It turned out the only thing they wanted me to do was subscribe to their ideology and profit on the back of it.

I have followed pretty much 90% of the fitness/strength/muscle experts that have been popular on the Internet for the past 5-7 years. The common denominator is that they all want you to drink their Kool-Aid. They are extremely stubborn and rarely open to change. Seeing a popular fitness guru admit a mistake is extremely rare.

Back in the day I was going from guru to guru, looking for the answer to success in this lifting game. I was able to learn a lot from amy research, but there is one thing that not a single guru talks about – the drugs. This is why for the first 5 or so years of my training career I was one of those guys who believe that miracles can happen, even if you are a regular natural bodybuilder. I believed you can be shredded at 200 lbs @ 6′ despite the fact that there is obvious evidence that such physique would require some sort of illegal drugs to attain, as shown by many professional bodybuilders.

It’s funny how all of those gurus are talking about “growing like a weed”, but you rarely see this happening with their followers. The before and after photos are either fake, non-existent or reveal obvious drug abuse. In other words, it’s the classic sandwich of truths and lies. They give you some truth so that you get hooked and join their tribe of blind followers. Then they stab you and leave you like a fish on dry land. “You should have known better.” {they say}

On that occasion I have a created a short list which reveals the basic characteristics of someone who has joined the sect of a popular fitness guru.


1. You are blindly repeating the words of your favorite “coach”.

One of the most annoying things in the world is arguing with disciples of a certain fitness guru. The sicker they are, the more they behave like a brick wall. Those poor souls would usually just repeat and repeat and repeat what their brain owner has installed in their little heads. A good example are, of course, the permabulkers who just want to “get strong” without really knowing why. Those guys have serious mental issues because at the end of the day, they are just fat and weak for their bodyweight. Why? Because they have really high absolute strength but incredibly average relative strength. When someone is squatting 405 lbs that’s some pretty good strength, especially for a natural. However, when that someone is 240 lbs of lard at 5’10”, the whole accomplishment just loses its value.

2. You refuse to change your training approach because your leader says everything else is inferior.

As I have said already, the most annoying thing about training gurus is that they love to work with absolutes. They have the “you either do it my way or you are a complete low life piece shit” mentality. Very, very few fitness gurus are opened to mixed training. It’s either just barbells, kettlebells or bodyweight. How can you trust those guys when they are so stubborn and refuse to change?

The goals of many people suffer because they fail to see the point when they are simply limiting themselves by trying to satisfy the sick aspirations of some brain limited muscle businessman.

3. You forgive the mistakes too fast.

This one is a classic and resembles some sort of a love sickness. There are people who just can’t get away from their former loved ones and keep on going back to the same person while expecting different results. The whole thing sounds like a boring Hollywood movie.

I am not against forgiveness, but it’s only deserved when the person has truly changed. Forgiveness should be earned not derived from ill understood love and speculations.

4. You fail to see the marketing strategies.

Everybody has to make money somehow. Nobody’s money is truly “pure”. However, that does not mean that you should always fall for every wild claim such as “follow my program and gain 20 lbs of pure lean muscle in 2 months” or “use my workout to gain inches on your arms in weeks”. Unfortunately or not, it takes a lot of experience to actually learn what’s real or not.

5. You believe that there is only one way to reach your goals.

There are different ways to reach the same destination. You can take different approaches, but in the end of the day who cares, if you still get where you want to go. Still, it takes experience to break the rules properly, but it’s worth it.

Note: This site is not perfect.

I dare to say that my website has helped many in a difficult spot when it comes to training. It’s not perfect by any means, but I know very well that back in my day, I would have loved to have access to similar information. This does not mean that you should subscribe to my site blindly. You should always think about the presented information through your own perspective. Not everything that I present will be your way of doing things. To be honest, that has never been my intention. Don’t treat me as a fitness guru because I am not one.

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