5 Cruel Ways Natural Bodybuilders Torture Themselves

Pressured by a desire to acquire, naturals submerge in the muscle game with a heavy enthusiasm that makes the hard seem easy and the impossible possible.

Like a temp working all night accompanied only by the indifferent photons emerging from the dusty lamp in the office, the natties of this world spend their days and nights chasing an ideal resembling a rose holding on to the heart with stab wounds.

Focused on the wrong kind of pain, natties torture themselves until blood starts dropping on the floor in accordance with the blinking rhythm of their wandering eyes unable to see a reward anywhere except in the chamber of false hope that all humans carry since birth.

Enough. It’s time for the self-torture to end. And for that to happen, all naturals have to become aware that they are hurting themselves needlessly.

Below you will discover five of the cruelest techniques naturals rely on to generate self-harm.

1. Obsessive–compulsive disorders (OCDs)

The natty’s cranium often feels like the den of a thunderbolt made of vitriolic and intrusive thoughts toying with the homeostasis of the soul and demanding endless subordination. The psychotherapist says ”just mute them”, but that doesn’t work because the natty’s burning ambition to forge thicker muscle fibers has the capacity to power a nuclear power plant.

If you look closely at a natty’s eyes, you will see a spark of obsession refusing to leave as if it’s an alcohol molecule inhabiting the deepest, almost unreachable, layers of a drunk’s organism whose system is confused what’s blood and what’s whiskey.

Like a clock running on Tesla’s unlimited energy, the constantly unsatisfied demonic voice keeps saying: ”Did you take enough protein, boy? Did you let the weights dissolve your fibers in the gym, you lazy loser? At what time are you going to bed, YouTube binging pinhead? Look on Instagram! They are all better than you! Why are you so silent, numskull? What about PRs? Do you ever plan on improving your one plate bench? Answer me now, for I am the gate to muscle! Ho-Ho-Ho.”

”Where is this coming from,” says the natty, hands covering the ears.

What if I tell you that the voice you are hearing is the result of a chemical reaction between your desires and the bodybuilding ecosystem created by businessmen doing their best to monetize the construction of muscle fibers and the fight against gravity. The process is catalyzed by the physiques of roid users on social media – the place where human souls meet in the age of notifications.

The mainstream explanation how growth happens could be seen as an attractive girl seemingly showing signs of interest in you. ”If she’s winking and touching her hair, it must be love,” you whisper to your imaginary councilor.

It’s a game of deception, my friend. You only see what the label wants you to see. You only hear what the audio engineer allows you to hear. It’s not real love. It’s a business transaction, and you are often on the losing side not because of money losses, but because of the constant dread increasing the pressure in your head.

The human body is not made out of paper. It’s strong and adaptable. 20 grams of protein, an hour of sleep and a few extra sets will neither make you nor break you. Yet the natty keeps drowning in toxic thoughts generated by imaginary guilt.

Surprisingly, the solution to getting rid of your OCD is not to hit it with your fists. OCD powered thoughts are a river created by your brain reacting to internal and external stimulus. The more you fight it, the wetter you’ll get. Instead, just let it run and observe calmly from the shore while the sunlight penetrates through the water and exposes its content.

Thoughts are just thoughts. They neither define you nor own you unless you give them a permission. Let them run. They’ll go nowhere on their own.

2. Blaming Yourself for Things You Can’t Change

”If people don’t succeed, it’s because they don’t work long and hard enough,” rationalize the megaphones of the system.

Once injected into the natty’s head, this criticism triggers the formation of microorganisms transporting profound guilt and self-hatred straight to the heart. The infection intensifies when the social media start spamming the online realm with examples of success stories.

”If so many people are making it happen, I must be carrying a faulty mechanism,” says the natty to himself, eyes controlled by a mixture of perplexity and desire for repentance.

Powered by naivete, the natty finds a new program, promoted by successful people, and restarts the prayer for growth. Despite the five trucks of effort invested into the new mission, the results fail to thunderstrike anyone. Even the oxygen in the room laughs with one hand in front of the mouth when a natty starts flexing his biceps in the mirror until his face turns scarlet. Then, the same cycle and all of its painful phases repeat again and again and again.

Can the loop be broken or is it infinite?

It will be infinite if you make it infinite. The deception works only if you agree to participate.

If you have tried your best, guilt becomes nonsensical and reveals an underlying insecurity.

Why do you feel guilty? Can’t you see that the official instructions don’t lead to the official reward? Can’t you see that bodybuilding is all about genetics and drugs? Protein powder and reps come last, kid.

3. Constantly Looking for Someone’s Approval

”Can I do high bar squats instead of low bar squats, coach,” types the natty with trembling fingers and a soul trapped in future expectations.

”No,” writes back the coach. ”If you do high bar squats instead of low bar squats, you are not doing MY program. And if you are not doing MY program, you might just as well hang yourself.”

”Low bar squats it is, sir,” responds the natty, deeply afraid that he will be IP banned and rejected by the cult.

As humans, we are always looking for a way to join a group and experience the pleasure of being a member, for there is nothing scarier than loneliness. The fear of rejection often turns us into beggars for approval.

I’m sorry, but it’s time to set the beggar mentality on fire. Once you know the basics, you don’t need anyone’s permission to train the way you want to train. There are no perfect exercises routines or rep ranges. Those elements are simply variables designed to change.

Eventually, you have to grow up and make decisions on your own. At first, it will feel weird and maybe even frightening, but after the period of adaptation, you will never look back to the life of a beggar seeking validation.

If you want to do high bar squats, do high bar squats.

If you want to curl in the squat rack, curl in the squat rack.

If you want to train only the left side of your body, do it.

You are the one in charge.

4. Training Too Hard

The natty knights like to think that their attempts to separate iron from the ground represent the greatest work of their lives. It doesn’t matter if the cold outside is turning air into ice, or if the sun is trying to melt the earth – they are always in the gym; bewildered eyes possessed by obsession.

Infatuated by barbell induced adrenaline, the natties invest a piece of their psyche in every rep. Sadly, the madness can only go for so long. Like youth dried by the sword of time, the desire of a natural starts to lose its life juice sooner or later. You can’t mute the mirror and ignore the balance sheet forever. Those with brain cells capable of activation will one day decode the pyramid scheme called bodybuilding.

Gym-slaving is very similar to an ungrateful job – even if you work twice as much, your salary only moves up once every 10 years to account for inflation. What’s the point of killing yourself when your extra efforts do not result in extra rewards? Some may say that they love it, but that’s a lie. You don’t really love all 9 sets of it. You just brainwash yourself into believing your own delusions.

Just like the coins you receive at the end of each month, the mirror’s reports could make the love for what you do colder and colder, my friend. Therefore, you have no choice but to slow down and do just enough work not to get fired. Focus on the essentials and forget about everything else. Reduce the number of exercises, sets and reps to an absolute minimum. If something is not important to you, don’t do it.

5. Trying to Explain What You are Doing

Listen. People don’t take you seriously until the table is covered in green. Nobody cares that you swim unless you’re Phelps. Nobody cares that you make videos on YouTube unless they are crashing the servers. Nobody cares that you work hard when there’s no money on the table. Nobody cares that you are spending day and nights in the gym when you don’t look like you lift. People only care when there are visible, undeniable results. In the meantime, you are alone – a ghost forgotten by everyone except the dust. Trying to explain to your family and friends why are doing what you are doing is a painful waste of time.

When I was in high-school, I wanted to become a pro skater. I invested a lot in the pursuit of this dream. Nobody from my family cared. They thought that I was basically an idiot trying to break his bones, which I did, by doing an activity designed for 5-year-old kids. They didn’t see the struggle because they couldn’t. They didn’t feel my pain, for they weren’t hurting. But before all – they didn’t see results.

I was never good enough to earn a sponsorship from a local skate shop let alone something bigger. The facts are the facts. I wasn’t built for it. But you can be certain that if my plan had succeeded, I would have received respect from my family.

The bodybuilding game is no different. Unless you start earning money or mutate into a beast turning heads on the street, the radar won’t detect you. You are a joke. No one wants to hear how sore you are or how many months it took you to set a deadlift PR. Save it for yourself, and before all, forget about approval, support or applause. You ain’t getting anything until the trophy is over your head. And as we all know, there isn’t a socially accepted trophy when you are 100% natural because people have been conditioned to believe that the bodies on the covers are the product of perfectly timed intake of broccoli and chicken breast.

Just give up. They don’t understand you, just like you don’t understand them.

Everyone’s struggle is invisible to strangers who haven’t tried to walk on the same road.

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  1. AlpineSemilanceata

    Hey NoN, you’re such a good writer I’m happy I spent some actual money on one of your books.

    “If you have tried your best, guilt becomes nonsensical”

    It’s synchronicity that I read that today. I literally “cured” my depression by starting to live in accordance with that statement.

    Also, the fact that people only care about results, not the processes to get to them…is so true, especially when it comes to women.

    I think that what it boils down to is that to live in this world, it takes an ocean of acceptance and submission to reality. And the strength to be alone, and walk alone. And all of this takes faith. Something we have to rediscover without the help of “sacred” institutions.

  2. Justin

    Dude you are truly a Word saint ! Where did you learn to write like this? I do against the fake natty and came across the a lot of anti enchanced bodybuider articles that said the same shit over and over again. And your articles are the only one there that fascinated me to keep reading.

  3. Visto

    I could’nt agree more. The results are the only thing the society cares about irrespective of how you got them. Nobody cares if you benchpress 400lbs if your chest is still the ironing board.

  4. Steve Crook

    I have given up. I don’t search the forums, I don’t read the exercise articles. I go to the gym, do my exercises the best I can, eat decent food and know that I’m stronger, fitter and leaner than any 60 year old (or 50 year old for that matter) I know.

    Once in a while I train with a good coach, and she checks out my form on the exercises I do. It’s incredibly simple.

    The only thing that matters to me is progress in my training diary and the knowledge that there’s no magic in any of it.

  5. Junior

    Thank you, your article is fantastic. I am tired of each month or week a new program of diet or exercises promising the revolution, only for maintenance of the slavery.

  6. jaycdeez

    It took years for me to figure out that I would never be as ripped/big as the non-natty’s. During those years I did what you said – felt guilty about not being able to attain that level of strength and muscle mass. It was only as I matured that I realized there are so many people on gear and that is the main reason they look this way. Not the only reason, but that main contributing reason, period. Before and after pics of bodybuilders who get off the gear are laughable and not even remotely worth it. Just can’t do it. I just train for small increases in strength and a way to get my mind off of every day life now. I do exactly what I want in the gym as you suggested as well. It’s a lot more fun this way. Thanks Truth Seeker for telling it like it is.

  7. pedro

    i’ve got to say you killed it with the “guru IP ban” part, that was awesome, also you nail it when you use the word “obsession”, because thats exactly what it is, it is not love, it is a delusion that becomes an obsession over and over again.

  8. 5iiiii

    ”If people don’t succeed, it’s because they don’t work long and hard enough,” rationalize the megaphones of the system.

    Something that so many people deny for whatever reason is that cheating and luck are far more important factors for success. You don’t even need to work hard just take every possible shortcut, be an actor and make social connections. Some people will see through you and how lame you are, but that doesn’t matter because majority won’t.

  9. Santsephai

    The world of fake naturals is a microcosm of our entire culture. Fake food, fake news, fake eye lashes, fake tits, fake money, fake government…it’s an all pervasive illusion designed to steal your vitality. Your writing on this small piece of the entire puzzle of falsity is eye opening. I’ve been weight training for 25 years. Have varied in size, weight, strength and conditioning…but never looked close to what you see on IG. Weight training, at one point, was the antidote to succumbing to the illusion. It made your mind and body strong. Stronger enough to see through the lies we have been sold. It’s unfortunate that the simple act of being ‘fit’ is now subject to the same level of deception. Love your work and contribution to the mass ‘awakening.’ keep it up.

  10. MB

    Interesting article, but a little bit negative. I believe you can make great progress as natural and I know a few who became awesome natural.
    Funny about the ‘one plate bench’. I use at least 2. Otherwise I lose stabilization. LOL

    1. Visto

      yes in my experience average lifters can gain 30 to 40lbs and freaks over 40lbs towards 50 and ecto just 25 to 30 lbs naturally. Having said that they won’t look like fitness models in magazines quality mass of steroids and natty is light years different enhanced lifter will look big and better conditioned even at the same weight with nattys

      1. MB

        It’s true that the steroid user will be bigger than a natty, but a natty with many years of training and knows what he or she’s doing, can have the (almost) fitness model look of the magazines when they work with good photographers.

        1. Visto

          that’s exactly my point but don’t expect the synthetic and deep cuts look it ain’t happening but you can look good for someone who lifts

  11. McF7y

    Finally!! Another article after what seemed like ages! It doesn’t matter that I haven’t read it because…finally! Will be my lunch hour reading material. Thank you.

  12. Brett

    Good to have another article. Now I know why you wait so long, you edit them to perfection. I deal with loneliness everyday and ive been dealing with rejection all my life. Reading your articles always improves my mood. Doint listen to anyone who tells you your writing sucks or your articles are negative or depressing. Fuck that. All this false happy (follow the leader off the cliff with a smile on your face) bullshit is how the fake world sucks you in. Sometimes i think is there something wrong with me that i am not socially accepted, its not my physical appearance that causes it, its something inside me that makes me act different to others. Wlaking alone is not easy. Its become a trend these days to say you walk alone. Thats not what i am talking about. Only those who truly walk alone will know about how truly lonely it gets and how your thoughts hold you captive. You just cant stop thinking. When you finally speak to someone who has some idea about what you are about, its like those thoughts just get released like a catharsis. And that could take weeks or months. What gives me comfort is nowing that it is a choice. My choice. I know I would rather be spat out than swallowed.
    You cant be melted down and shaped if you aren’t made from the same materials.

    Thanks truthseeker.

  13. s.h

    hi truthseeker how are you dude?long time no see!!!
    thanks for the great article,
    by the way i have a question,in one article you said training each muscle once a week is useless because of deadaptation,and in another one, you mentioned that it depends on weekly tonnage and it is not necessary to train each muscle twice a week!!can you guide me more?please

  14. Marcin

    Great, well polished piece! I have started reading, no…- devouring- your site couple months ago and just can’t get enough. Sometimes you seem a little bit too bitter, but still I can relate to a lot of things you’re saying and I too know where they are coming from. I really like how insightful are most of your posts and the delivery with all these metaphors. This is not exception. Or I should say- it’s exceptionally good. Like someone already mentioned, naming the behaviour of most naive natty’s obsession is a bullseye and, God damn it, I suffered from the same disease! Keep the good work and cheers from Poland!

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