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Gym Membership Scams: How The Greedy Gym Owners Steal From You

| September 10, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The greedy gym owners are a silent member of the muscle mafia left with a large piece of the pie. The gym business is a billion dollar industry sponsored by fatsos and skinny dudes from all over the world. The primary goal of the large commercial chains is to attract more and more customers and […]

The True Meaning Of ”Do You Even Lift, Bro?”

| September 9, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The question ”Do you even lift, bro?” can kill people. When muscle addicts hear it something in them breaks as if sand has seeped into the main mechanism. The system immediately switches to hell mode and starts producing self-destructive thoughts. The eyes change as if a demon has infiltrated the soul. They fill with a […]

Can You Get Massive 3D ”Capped” Shoulders Naturally?

| September 7, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

3D ”capped delts” are one of the characteristics defining modern fitness models. Those guys give extra attention to this body part because the union between a small waist and cannon shoulders results in an extraordinary V-taper. Physique wise, the goal of the modern fitness models is to recreate the so-called classic look – a small waist […]

Is Greg O’Gallagher a.k.a. Kinobody a Natural Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

| September 6, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Note: Readers have informed me that Greg O’Gallagher weighs only 165lbs now. I do not see how this is relevant. People can lose weight. Doesn’t change the fact that he was 185lbs as stated in his interview for After all, Ronnie Coleman was 290lbs in his prime but is only around 200lbs now. This review makes sense only if […]

Is Nick Cheadle Natural Or On Steroids?

| by Truth Seeker |

It’s time for another classic review. As usual, it’s inspired by a request from a reader. I was asked whether a guy known as Nick Cheadle is natty or not. Let’s see. What are the stats of Nick Cheadle? According to the website, Nick Cheadle has the following body stats: Bodyweight: 209lbs – […]

What Is The ”Secret” To Big Forearms?

| September 5, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Many muscle constructors want to walk around with massive Rambo approved forearms because the muscle is considered a symbol of masculinity and is frequently in the viewing range of the humanoids around you. Big forearms are a way of saying ”I lift.” without relying on metrosexual antics such as tank tops and wife beater shirts. […]

Why Are People Afraid To Lift Heavy Weights?

| September 4, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

It was just another leg day in the dusty gym. I was walking around in-between heavy leg press sets when a fellow muscle constructor entered the scene. He had the gestures of a horny conqueror. The guy was built like a wooden horse and dressed as a fashionable muscle mannequin. He had branded colorful sneakers […]

Why Is It So Difficult To Follow a Diet?

| September 3, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The modern computer lifestyle common for humanoids in the cities contributes to the global accumulation of fat cells but is not the primary benefactor of XXXL clothing shops. As I have previously written, there are two primary elements that turn people into swines – the reign of corporate fascism shoving the wonders of the chemical […]

Vegan Gains – a Natural Vegan Bodybuilder Or a Steroid User?

| September 2, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

”Vegan Gains” is the name of a popular YouTube channel promoting plant-eating as the best investment you can make for the betterment of your health and conscience. Since the guy behind the videos has a pretty decent physique and likes to participate in as much YouTube battles as possible, he has attracted the attention of many people looking […]

Can You Develop a Bigger and Stronger Chest Without The Bench Press?

| September 1, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Today, I decided to check my favorite site for fitness panties – S-Nation. In the new featured article, the author wrote that you cannot beat the bench press when it comes to building larger and stronger boobies. That’s not true. What many people fail to realize is that the bench press is nothing but an […]