Monthly Archives: September 2015

How To Barbell Row With Proper Form For Maximum Lat Activation

The barbell row may not be a difficult exercise to learn but still deserves some special attention because many individuals, who have not developed proper back awareness, look like a camel rubbing its groin area into a stainless steel bar when doing the movement. Loading the barbell The first step of a properly perform barbell […]

The Day I Realized That Big Muscles Protect You From Bullying

That summer I was doing my best to improve my skateboarding skills. One of the training sports in the town was an old bridge – a weird place with mysterious flavor that makes you experience all kinds of deja vus, perhaps from previous lives. It was the middle of a hot day and I was pretty […]

How To Get Big Arms FASTER!!!! Give me a break.

The ”how-to-get-big-arms-fast” drama is the muscle equivalent of the modern ”how-to- get-rich-quick” mentality frequently seen in our world infected by the false belief that the mainstream media can provide a solution to all troubles. Honestly, I am quite tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. Just a few days ago S-Nation productions came up with […]

Mr. Olympia 2015: Was Phil Heath’s Victory Deserved?

At the end of July I predicted in this post that Mr. Phil Heath is going to win Mr. Olympia 2015. It happened today. Question is, was his victory deserved? Is he truly the best thong warrior in the world? Same competitors (almost), same judges, same weaknesses, same strengths, same politics….SAME results. The answer this […]

Are Self-Help Books The Road To Happiness Or a Nasty Fraud?

That day the city was under attack coming from a heavyweight rain playing with everything beneath the clouds. My shoes with holes in the soles reported bankruptcy rather fast. I had to find a place to hide and since I was in the period of your life when shiny shop windows attract you the most, […]