Monthly Archives: August 2015

Everything You Need To Know About Lat Training

The so-called ”lats” (latissimus dorsi) represent a muscle group that rarely gets as much media time as the biceps, triceps and abs, which is ironic because those bad boys are the biggest muscle in the upper body and look awesome. Part of the reason is that the lats are usually hidden under clothing unless you […]

Vegans and Meat Eaters Are Both Unethical, So Shut The Fuck Up

The “Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters” wars between famous YouTube fitness clowns are getting intense. I’ve watched small segments of a few video battles, and all I can say is this: Today, vegans and meat eaters are both unethical. So, please, shut the fuck up, bozos! Have some sense of modesty. Neither of the groups is […]

When Are Protein Shakes Useful?

Believe it or not, the first time I discovered protein shakes was when my personal doctor told me about them. The guy was a really fat former brain surgeon and said to me that when I train I need to take protein because it connects to the damaged muscle and repairs it. He also ordered […]

Will Heavy Leg Presses Give You Big Legs?

It was a leg day. I went to the gym, said a dead “hello” to the manager and paid for one workout only. He looked at me with his hanging dog face and said: “You come here frequently. A membership would be a cheaper solution.” I said nothing and looked at the refrigerator full of […]