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Generation Tank Top: Gym Selfies, Posing and Village Muscles

This happened last week. I got lucky and went to the gym before most people finish slavery, excuse me, work. The barbell den was empty but not for long. When the clock reached 5:30 a horde of tank top samurais entered the gym. One of them was a typical metrosexual captain upper body – shaved, […]

Did Steroids Completely Replace Hard Work In The Gym?

I’ve had many breaks from training due to motivation drops. The first major episode took place when I got sick of the squat or die mentality installed deep into my brain. However, a few months passed and the accumulation of barbell nostalgia made me want to train again. Once my front foot was on gym […]

Instagram’s Fitness Motivation Is Playing Games With Your Mind

Instagram’s fitness motivation department has been steadily gaining serious market share. The enormous amount of Photoshopped butts, biceps, abs, breasts and other body parts floating in the cyberspace prove this every day. It’s hard to look for something training related online without stumbling upon a couple of “how bad do you want it/this is my […]

Police Propaganda In Modern TV Shows

Some time ago I watched an episode of the TV series The Mentalist. There was a short dialogue between an FBI agent and a potential witness of a crime, which got my attention. The dialogue turned out to be part of season 7, episode 1 and goes like this: Agent Kimball Cho, FBI: I understand […]


Steroids and performance-enhancing drugs (PED), which come in various forms, can improve results in every sport and many other aspects of life. There is no doubt that the iron game is more dependent on steroids than almost any other department. Without steroids, sports like powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic weightlifting have almost nothing and the records […]


This story took place a long time ago when I was still a naive rookie eager to discover the mystery of skeletal muscle hypertrophy. Summertime was just beginning and I had a 2-month break from school ahead of me. Sounds good, but it wasn’t really the case. I was at that age when the summer […]