Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Self-centered YouTube Fitness Pricks

It seems that every day 100 new people join the YouTube Fitness parade. Whenever you search for something training related on the Internet, it’s always the same thing: tons of videos made by popular fitness YouTubers. After several years the spam has already reached epic proportions. The most annoying part about the fitness YouTubers is […]

How To Use Dips As Primary Chest & Triceps Exercise

Most fitness and powerlifting media promote dips solely as assistance exercise for the bench press, but the truth is that dips themselves can be a main lift, if you are willing to give them an opportunity to shine. Have you ever wondered why the bench press is always treated as the Queen of all pushing […]

Can Natural Bodybuilders Have Ultra Thin Skin?

One of the tell-tale signs of drug abuse among bodybuilders and fitness models is having a thin silk like skin. To understand what I mean by that pinch the skin at the back of your hand. It will be quite slim, even if you are obese. Alternatively, you could do the same with your foot. […]

Which Muscle Groups Grow The Fastest

In my experience the muscle groups with long muscle bellies and short tendons grow the fastest when trained frequently and intensely. Those, however, vary for different people. As I wrote in the article about calves some people will never be able to develop that muscle group to something impressive, regardless of training, food intake or drug […]