Monthly Archives: March 2015

Why The Deadlift Is an Overrated Lift The deadlift takes more than it gives back.

The deadlift has been enjoying more popularity over the last few years thanks to the rise of the so-called “YouTube powerlifting”, which as a phenomenon has greatly contributed to the “do you even squat and deadlift” mentality. Since many beginners look up to the YouTube fitness celebrities, they start to believe that deadlifting (and squatting) is the key […]

Powerlifting Weight Classes: Delusional Expectations

What makes heavy athletics different than track-and-field? The athletes are divided into weight classes. Why? It’s simple: bigger man lift heavier weights, at least on paper. The main thing that determines your weight class is your height. Somebody who is 6′ tall cannot compete as a lightweight, but somebody who is 5’5″ will fit there […]