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5×5 Workouts: Sets Across vs. Ramping Sets

The 5×5 program comes in two formats: Sets across – keeping the weight the same for all work sets Ramping sets – building to a single work set I prefer the ramping method because it builds just as much strength while saving a lot of joint stress and time. Anybody who’s ever done 5×5 for […]

Why The Deadlift Is an Overrated Lift The deadlift takes more than it gives back.

The deadlift has been enjoying more popularity than ever thanks to the rise of the so-called “YouTube powerlifting” – a phenomenon that has greatly contributed to the “do you even squat and deadlift” mentality. Since many beginners look up to the YouTube fitness celebrities, they start to believe that deadlifting is the key to the physiques presented by […]

Powerlifting Weight Classes: Delusional Expectations

Your height and bone structure determine your weight class. By default, a tall man cannot compete as a lightweight, whereas somebody who is 5’5″ will fit there perfectly. In order for a tall guy to do well in barbell sports, he has to compete in a higher weight class. The only lift which allows skinny […]