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Choosing the Perfect Muscle Building Method

| January 30, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

The reason why people get offended when you question their lifting doctrine is the need to associate with it. Admitting that your training method is inferior is like saying that you are ugly. Even if it’s true, we naturally want to lawyer our way out of every situation. This is why you should be careful […]

Is ZEF ZAKAVELI Natural Or On Steroids? Can you build a similar physique without anabolic steroids?

| January 27, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Zef Zakaveli is one of the most popular bodyweight masters. His online and offline presence has had a tremendous impact on the street workout movement. People are impressed not only by his skills but also by his muscular body. As a result, many begin to wonder whether a physique can become a reality without anabolic steroids. Let’s find […]

The Corrupt Beginning of The Muscle Industry and Bodybuilding From enthusiasm to lies, deception and corporate fascism

| January 25, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Many indicate the late 1890s as the beginning of bodybuilding since this was the time when Eugen Sandow started his muscle flexing shows. I am not going to focus on that era exclusively, but a small historical flashback is necessary to understand the modern state of the industry. Eugen Sandow, born Friedrich Wilhelm Müller, was a […]

The PERFECT Bodybuilding Routine

| January 24, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Bodybuilding does not enjoy a large number of people telling the truth. As a result, propaganda and agendas reign supreme. The business model of the muscle industry has not changed. The sector sells supplements and hollowness to the naïve teens while using roided freaks as promoters. Hence it is hard to trust the masters when it comes […]

The Unjustified Fear of Losing Muscle During Dieting

| January 22, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Fear of losing muscle is common for bodybuilders, fitness models, and recreational lifters. Many muscle constructors believe that a few hours without protein in the system can initiate catabolic processes a.k.a. muscle loss. Similar thoughts often result in incredible anxiety. Consequently, some lifters start walking around with funny plastic protein bottles and pre-cooked meals carefully […]


| January 17, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

Rumor has it that Facebook and Twitter had to upgrade their servers just to store all the images of fitness models flooding the online realm. You cannot eat cookies while checking your news feed anymore. Wherever you go there is an image of someone with a perfect body that makes you drop the biscuit. It […]

The Real Reason Why Steroids Are Banned From Sports

| January 14, 2015 by Truth Seeker |

There are always two explanations – what they are telling us and the truth. Behind every decision affecting a massive amount of people stand heavy political interests and a desire to promote specific financial, moral and cultural concepts. Nothing is simply a coincidence. All action is planned carefully behind closed doors even though all correspondence […]