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Choosing the Perfect Muscle Building Method

The popular fitness/bodybuilding/strength gurus are extremely stubborn. They are not happy at all when you criticize their ideas. In their heads, they have the perfect way to do things and a bag of arguments why everything else is inferior. For example, people like Mark Rippetoe believe that bodyweight exercises have nothing on barbell training while […]

The PERFECT Bodybuilding Routine

When your first decide to satisfy your inner desire to build large muscles and become one of those men with “big guns” flexing for the girls, you start doing careful research in the quest for the perfect bodybuilding routine. “There has to be an ultimate way to get swol”, said Johnny to himself while flexing […]

The Unjustified Fear of Losing Muscle during Dieting

The fear of losing muscle is a common phenomenon among bodybuilders, fitness models and recreational lifters. Everybody is afraid that a few hours without protein or some form of amino acids in your system can cause initiation of catabolic processes a.k.a. muscle loss. This can result in incredible anxiety causing muscle worshippers to panic and […]


Rumor has it that Facebook and Twitter had to upgrade their servers just to store all the images of fitness models flooding the online realm. You cannot eat cookies while checking your news feed anymore. Wherever you go there is an image of someone with a perfect body that makes you drop that biscuit. It […]

The Real Reason Why Steroids Are Banned From Sports

There are always two explanations – what they are telling us and the truth. Behind every decision affecting a massive amount of people stand heavy political interests and a desire to promote specific financial, moral and cultural concepts. Nothing is simply a coincidence. All action is planned carefully behind closed doors even though all correspondence […]