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Is Brandon Carter From HighLifeWorkout Natural Or On Steroids? Can you become an aesthetic muscle God without anabolic steroids?

Many people want to know if Brandon Carter, the man behind the YouTube fitness channel HighLifeWorkout, is natural or on steroids. Well, it’s time to find out. According to the information presented in Brandon Carter’s profile on, he has the following stats: Height: 6’2″ (188cm) Weight: 175lbs (79.5kg) Chest: 40 inches (101.6cm)’s guide for […]

Is Overtraining Really A Myth? Is CT Fletcher right?

The vast majority of muscle scholars consider overtraining a real phenomenon. However, there are also iron sages like CT Fletcher who see overtraining as an excuse to be lazy. CT claims that his monstrous 20-inch arms are the result of daily curling. The vision of CT Fletcher in regards to overtraining is expressed more vividly […]