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Is Omar Isuf Natural Or Another Steroid Junky?

Omar Isuf has one of the top YouTube fitness channels with over 200 000 subscribers and counting. He is pretty strong and has a decent physique which makes people interested. They want to know the source of muscle and power and he seems to heavy it. However, is Omar Isuf natural or another steroid junky? […]

Should A Fat Person Do StrongLifts 5×5?

StrongLifts 5×5 is one of the most popular barbell programs on the Internet. The core of the routine is absolutely the same as Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength and more and more people are joining the club. Since the program targets beginners many wonder: Should a fat person do StrongLifts 5×5? How fat are you? If […]

Is Lex Griffin A Natural Bodybuilder Or A Steroid User?

Leg Griffin is a ‘natural’ bodybuilder, fitness model and proud supporter of the aesthetic lifestyle. He has thick and dry physique that makes the panties drop. Can you develop similar body without destroying your health and bank account because of the need to use steroids? Is Leg Griffin a natural bodybuilder or is he tripping […]

Is Scott Herman Natural Or On Steroids?

Scott Herman is very popular figure in the Internet fitness community thanks to his YouTube channel which has crazy amount of subscribers and fans. Of course, what’s keeping people interested is Scott Herman’s physique – lean and muscular. On a daily basis he presents different training ideas and workouts that are meant to help you […]

Do Rack Pulls For Thicker Back

Rack pulls are not among the popular exercises you see people do on ‘back day’. That’s not a surprise since very few people actually know how to train. For the majority of the gym attendees the whole point of going to a training facility is to play with all the machines. It’s like an amusement park, but […]

Will My Arms Be Bigger, If I Don’t Train My Legs

A common question that bothers many people aspiring to develop the ‘bro physique*’ is: Will my upper body be bigger, if I don’t train my legs?’. The answer is actually: ‘Yes, to a certain point.’ The amount of muscle your body can carry is heavily dependent on your hormonal profile. That’s why women look like […]

The Truth About Visualization And Bodybuilding

Everyone and their grandma loves to talk about the importance of visualization in bodybuilding. One of the most famous quotes heard in motivational bodybuilding videos is: ‘If the mind can conceive it, the body can achieve it’. Similar thoughts seem to be quite popular these days when people are convinced that positive thinking is all you […]