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The Best Trap Builders

The traps (short for Trapezius) along with the forearms and calves represent the most visible muscle when one wears clothes. Of course, many people argue the aesthetic part of having big traps but no matter what your opinion is a developed set of traps is a sign of power and strength. The traps are a very […]

Does Olympic Weightlifting Really Build Muscle?

When somebody who is not involved in bodybuilding and fitness training hears the word ‘weightlifting’ the first association is immediately with the Olympics – the guys lifting heavy barbells overhead in magical ways. Besides high level of strength and entertainment the Olympic weightlifters usually display solid muscular development although their body fat levels are generally […]

Muscle Construction: Machines Vs. Free Weights

The benefits of using free weights… The main benefits that come with free weights is that you are controlling the weight and the stabilizing muscles come into play. In other words – it’s all you. You lift the weight all the way. The usage of free weights builds the so-called functional strength which has larger […]

Bodybuilders Eat Junk Food All The Time

A young boy went next to a huge bodybuilder and said: ‘How do I get as big as you? My dad beats me and I want to grow huge so that I can protect myself.’ The huge bodybuilder replied: ‘Solid nutrition and training!’ This is the usual response and what many professional bodybuilders consider the road to a […]

Is Martin Berkhan Natural?

Martin Berkhan is a fitness model, personal trainer and Internet celebrity in the online fitness space. He has become particularly famous for his lean physique and peculiar way of dieting known as  ‘intermittent fasting‘. Many follow Martin Berkhan’s advice in the hope that they can one day achieve similar ‘popping muscles’ and levels of leanness. […]

Are Biceps Peaks Genetic?

There are many exercises which are supposed to develop your biceps peaks, but are they effective and can you really shape your arms to such degree or are biceps peaks purely dependent on ‘what your mama gave ya’? Guys with short biceps have them peaks… Most of the time the guys with the most prominent biceps […]

The Secret To Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arm Size

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a physique that most people consider the best ever – even today. He was massive, lean enough and had some of the best beachbody parts (chest and arms). To this day Arnold’s chest and biceps development are considered unmatched. What’s the secret to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm size? 1.It’s not a secret routine… The […]