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Balancing Bodybuilding And A Physical Job

One of the biggest obstacles that stop people from engaging in bodybuilding activities is the required commitment. You have to go to the gym a few times a week and your diet has to reflect your goals. How do you do that when you are working as a construction worker? 1.It’s going to be hard. […]

Is Steve Cook Natural?

Steve Cook is an American bodybuilder/fitness model with tremendous muscular development. The majority of the confused teens on desperately want to have his body. But how do you get it? Is Steve Cook Natural? Can you get as big as him without using anabolic steroids? Well…{define natural} 1.Steve Cook is huge.  By any standards Steve […]

Muscle Soreness – A Sign Of Effective Workout?

Two maniacal bodybuilders are now talking after a three hour marathon super high volume arm workout: – Hi, Bob! I feel soreness everywhere all over my body. It’s killing me, brah! – Me too brah…those supersets for lower, mid and high biceps T-Nation style will be remembered forever….Maybe hit da clubs  Zyzz style later? – Sure…I will get […]

Dips Vs. Decline Bench Press

The dip and the decline bench press are looked at as lower chest builders. Many people believe that they are interchangeable exercises that offer similar benefits. Which is better out of the too? Dips Dips are more old school that decline bench presses. In fact, dips are so old school that even ancient men walking […]

Getting Your First Dip

The dip is a classic upper body exercise. There were parallel bars installed in public schools before your parents were born. That’s how old school the dip is. It works the chest, triceps and shoulders. It’s a really good pectoral exercise since the muscle gets a nice stretch at the bottom. However, many people may not be even […]

Is Dwayne Johnson On Steroids?

Dwayne Johnson, better known among teenagers as The Rock, is one of the most muscular Hollywood celebrities. He was initially a football player then a wrestler and now a movie star with a very high status. The Rock is not particularly famous for his acting skills but his physique has won him many roles. Since most of his […]

Hollywood Physique – The Truth!

People, especially the ignorant version, are constantly looking for ways to look like the celebrities they worship. They want to look like ‘Brad Pitt in Fight Club’, ‘Gerard Butler in 300’, ‘Christian Bale In Batman’, ‘Sylvester Stallone in Rocky’… The truth is that there’s nothing special about the Hollywood physique – it’s just a combination […]