Part 1: 7 Signs That You Are a Delusional Bodybuilder

1. Believing that you can get as big as Ronnie Coleman naturally.

A long time ago on the forum of T-Nation somebody wrote one of the most stupid bodybuilding ideas ever. The individual in question said that anybody can get as big as Ronnie Coleman naturally, if there was no such thing as aging and the lifespan of human beings was longer. The logic behind this was that even if you are gaining 1 pound of muscle every five years, you will eventually end up as big as Ronnie Coleman.

If this is how Ronnie Coleman looks without taking steroids, can you imagine how big he will be on steroids?

If this is how Ronnie Coleman looks without taking steroids, can you imagine how big he will be on steroids?

There is no need to say that even if you live to be 500 years old, you won’t be as big as Ronnie Coleman or his friends naturally. In order for the body to maintain such muscle mass, the natural testosterone levels must increase as well. If that condition is not met, it’s impossible to achieve anything beyond your natural maximum genetic potential.

2. Believing that powerlifters are natural because they don’t train to have aesthetic physiques

Everybody starts lifting in order to build muscle and look good. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Even the guys who switch to powerlifting do it with the secret wish that thanks to heavy lifting and the so-called big three (bench press, squat, deadlift) they will get huge. Somewhere along the lines many delusional powerlifters start to believe that they can overcome the limitation of natural training and achieve the impossible – reach the highest level of powerlifting success, strength and high levels of muscle mass. There are many who believe that powerlifters are natural and all of their gains have been made thanks to heavy iron and smart programming. Well, sorry. Powerlifters are not natural and are using a lot of drugs in order to maintain and build their strength.

Kirk Karwoski, as natural as Ronnie Coleman

Kirk Karwoski, as natural as Ronnie Coleman

In the image above you can see the famous powerlifter Kirk Karwoski. He is 280 lbs at 5’8″ @ 11% BF.


3. Believing that if you weight less than 200 lbs, you are small.

Many of Mark Rippetoe’s follower believe that if you weight less than 200 lbs as a male, you are a fragile son of a bitch. This idea is heavily supported by the dudes from 70s big who back in the day even had a T-shirt saying that males should be over 200 lbs. Well, sorry. You can be much less than 200 lbs and still be quite big. To tell you the truth, unless you are 6’3″+ you will never naturally be over 200 lbs and 5% BF (competition ready). It’s physically not possible.

Lu Xiaojun - about 170 lbs; Small?

Lu Xiaojun – about 170 lbs; Small?

There are former bodybuilders such as Frank Zane, Sammir Bannout, Rich Gaspari…etc. who competed in Mr. Olympia and were less than 200 lbs. So, don’t be a slave to numbers. Quality over quantity.

4. Bodybuilders on steroids can teach you how to train

Professional bodybuilders know virtually nothing about training. They do their stupid routines on the machines, record their stupid videos, post them on Instagram and in the meantime pump their bodies with all kinds of drugs. Do you really think you can learn how to train from them? Truth be told, most professional bodybuilders don’t even train when they are not on drugs. It makes no sense to them.

IFBB pro bodybuilders don’t know how to do properly some of the most basic exercises such as the big three, and yet there are thousands of people paying big bucks to go to seminars organized by professional bodybuilders, where they don’t even admit to steroid usage. You might just as well go to one of those get-rich-quick type of seminars. It’s the same scam.

5. Believing that you should train every muscle in order to avoid injuries.

Most people compose their routines from a variety of online sources and in the end they end up with some sort of a Frankenstein like creation.

Each week there’s a new exercise that’s supposed to prevent some type of imbalance.

Each week there’s a new way to hold the bar.

While it’s fine to learn new methods and improve, you can’t endlessly change everything before even having the chance to excel at something and reach a satisfactory level of success. In other words, don’t change your training routine because you’ve read something stupid on Men’s Health.

6. Believing that you can build 18 inches arms naturally.

Most natural bodybuilders don’t have arms bigger than 16 inches at lean condition. Of course, there’s always a guy who supposedly has 21 inches biceps ‘at no more than 10-15% body fat’. However, when you meet the guy it usually turns out that his arms are really 19 3/4 inches measured with a lose tape after a hardcore pump, and his body fat is actually 20-25%.

7. Believing that  your muscles will disappear unless you take whey protein every 3 hours or so.

Most bodybuilders are terribly afraid of spending more than a few hours without a source of protein. That’s the result of years of brainwash started by the supplement companies way back in Joe Weider’s day. Well, here’s a logical question for those individual:

Why do you care so much about muscle mass, if it’s so fragile that it disappears after a few hours of food deprivation?

Who needs those kinds of silly muscles anyway?

Oh wait, the body was not built to evaporate that easily and you won’t actually suffer muscle losses, if you miss your protein shake. Therefore, don’t be afraid to let other people use the kitchen too.

Part 2 coming soon

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