7 Reasons NOT To Barbell Back Squat Caution: This post can cause meltdowns among diehard Rippetoe fans.

THE SQUAT is a sexy exercise with a well deserved place in the muscle churches a.k.a. “gyms”. Unfortunately, the religion of the squat has been infiltrated by malicious software spreading misconceptions among the muscle worshipers.

Out of all people the new guys coming to the gym are those who suffer the most. For that reason, we are going to present you 7 reasons NOT to barbell squat.

Some may get mad, but people deserve to know. If you feel offended that the Squat God’s reputation has been hurt, tell someone who actually cares.

1. The Spine Takes a A lot Of Beating


Have you ever heard that the middle man is quite frequently the one to get fucked during a deal? Well, when you pay homage to the Squat God, your spine acts as a middle man.

The legs and hips generate the power to move the bar upwards and that force is transmitted to the bar through your spine. Quite often people miss squat attempts because the back is weak and cannot keep proper positioning.

While the legs and the hips are quite strong, the spine was not built to support a mountain. Many people with back troubles would do better, if they switch to front squats or avoid the exercise altogether.

In order to avoid spine issues when barbell squatting, you must know your limits and avoid turning the exercise into a good morning. Sadly, people often decide to play along with the ego and get hurt in the process.

2. Many People Are Not Built To Squat


If you have really long femurs, you will suck at squatting. Long legs require the lifter to bend over more which means that the load shifts to the hips and the stress on the spine increases. That’s why many people fail to develop huge legs by just squatting.

This means that even if you put a lot of effort into the exercise, you may still fail to develop aesthetic and muscular legs regardless of what the sites promoting bodybuilders on steroids say.

3. The Squat Will Not Make You A Mass Monster


Regardless of what people say on the Internet, the squat will not make you a mass monster. The myths that the squat produces amazing muscle gains among naturals are just that – myths.

It never happens and those who claim that they were able to get huge thanks to the squat are usually highly delusional. They are either fake natties or people unable to tell the difference between fat and muscle.

Natural bodybuilders are not small because they don’t squat. They’re small because the human body does not produce the testosterone needed to look like the guys from the magazines.

4. The Squat Is Not As Functional As You May Think


Please, tell me: How many times in your life did you have to place something very heavy on your back and squat with it?

The truth is that the squat, just like any exercise, is merely a simulation in a controlled environment.

Many people think that just because they squat their strength will translate to almost anything. It’s obviously true that the developed hip, leg and back strength along with the cardio vascular endurance will have a positive impact on your performance but in order to be good at something – you need to spend more time doing the actual task. If that means less squatting, so be it.

Form always follows functions. If you go and ask the boxer Manny Pacquiao what’s his best squat, he won’t have a satisfying answer. That does not matter because he practice his specific sport the most.

5. The Barbell Squat Is Not The Only Squat

image credit: http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/

image credit: http://ditillo2.blogspot.com/

It’s time for people to finally realize that the barbell back squat is not the only way to squat. There’s nothing magical about it.

It’s popularity is mainly due to the fact that it’s one of the exercises that allow you to lift the most weight. People love looking like gangsta ninjas in the gym and therefore attempt heavy squats. Since other forms of squatting such as the front squat, the hip belt squat and the Bulgarian split squat do not give you the opportunity to use all the plates in the gym, they are less popular.

Maybe, just maybe, people should not feel guilty for doing a different version of the back squat?

6. Be different! Fuck the system!


The only thing you get from behaving like everybody else is that you become like everybody else – boring, deprived of critical thinking or in other words just another wheel in the mechanism.

We learn more from people who doubt the system and constantly question its value and logic.

Of course, all people have similar needs – food, health, family, money – but only the bump on the road makes you jump and reposition.

So, who cares that you’re not going to barbell squat? If you don’t want to squat, don’t.

7. Being Bottom Heavy May Not Be Your Thing


The squat is notorious for producing people with big hips (politically correct term for big butts). This could be a problem, if your goal is to have a more rounded physique.

As a natural there’s only so much muscle that can be built without steroids. This means that if you build a routine around the squat, most of the muscle will go to the lower body and this will limit the potential of muscle groups part of the upper body.

This is the exact reason why all people following squat heavy routines usually complain of “T-rex arms”, “flat chest”, “inexistent lats”…etc.

Your training is one of the ways you communicate with your body. When you squat all the time, you’re telling your body that big glutes and legs are very important for your survival, and that’s what you get in return.

In conclusion

We’re certainly not anti-squat. The squat is a solid exercise but it’s more important for people to understand the principles of weight training and be able to break the rules properly.

Sometime this will require you to go against the politically correct status quo. If that’s the case and it makes you feel liberated, all you deserve are congratulations! You are officially not a “Monkey see. Monkey do.” type of person.

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